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Of course this arrangement provided the customer to pay on time and in a way, if the customer violates the statutes of the agreement, the agreement becomes automatically null and the creditor has the ability to collect on your right in the way that believe you (demand). That remains in your record indefinitely and applying for a loan to start a business is also not insured. With this type of customers which is the consolidation of debt is not an option, since this type of industry only helps people who are not behind in their payments. The negotiation of debt could be the best choice for these customers. This option which makes is that does not reduce the interest (as the consolidation), but it reduces the total balances for debts, generally between 40%. Fees are generally 13% but there are companies that charge only 10%.

The best companies have their negotiators inside his own Office and cotizaran from the very beginning to the client in a total 50% of its debt. They must manage an account protected by the FDIC with a private company and they can never keep money Neither customer nor the negotiator’s debts, this is for protection of the same client. Demand risk is high, but a good debt settlement company must have the ability to negotiate the demands to 60% of the total debt, but the most important is you should be able to provide all the information, both the negative and positive program. The company that we recommend on this occasion is debt free, website and phone is 1-800-213-9968 client B type is one that is in a medium-sized economic stability, i.e., once you pay your debts remaining a minimum financial remnant for expenditure, or for savings. This kind of people have the ability to recover within one to three months in a medium economic emergency.