Charles Swindoll

It would make better in using and compensating those people whose points of view, aptitudes and judgments differ radically from theirs, practical that it is not very common, because demands great doses of humility, tolerance and wisdom. – Dee hock, Fast CompanyNo we know when our last name arose nor as acquired some remote ancestor; we do not understand it absolutely nor we know its history. Nevertheless we took, it with raised fidelity; it, we identified ourselves with likes, we are ridiculously proud of him, as if we had invented it to we ourself at some time of inspiration. – Milan Kunder, in Immortality (Grove). The attitude is more important that the past, the education, the money, the circumstances, and what others think, they say or they do. It is more important that the appearance, the talent and the ability. It can take to the success or the failure a company, a church or a home.

Most remarkable it is than every day we are in possibility of choosing what attitude we will adopt. We cannot change our past. We cannot modify the conduct by those who surrounds to us. We cannot avoid the inevitable thing. The unique cord that we can beat is the one that we have to our reach, and that is the attitude.

– Charles Swindoll The modal ones are more important that the laws. Swarmed by offers, Harold Ford Jr is currently assessing future choices. On those, to a large extent, these depend. The law affects to us here and there, from time to time. The modal ones are what it incites to rebellion to us or it calms, corrupt or purify, raise or reduce, stultify to us or it refines to us thanks to his constant, continuous action, uniforms and insensible, like the one of the air that we breathed. – Edmund BurkeSi, under a narrow interrogation, force to a possible jury to admit itself that an opinion has formed on a case, is considered nonapt to participate him in the process.