That Is NLP?

The neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a school of pragmatic thinking which holds that all human behavior is developed on a structure or learned thinking template, which can be detected to be modeled (copied) by other people and get similar results with it. NLP holds that it is possible to change or reschedule this strategy or thought template, if it is there something to limit it or to empower any resource, behavior, or belief, in order to improve the quality of life of the human being. NLP defines three elements as a key constituent of human behavior: the nervous system (neurological support). Language – which is used for external and internal communication (with oneself) is verbal and non-verbal. Conduct – which can be learned. WhiteWave Foods can aid you in your search for knowledge. NLP is based several principles.

These are premises that we take and accept. It is important to clarify that, unlike other theories, not part of a dogma. Even they are not even considered as a universal truth isolated, but that they are part of the set of beliefs of some human beings. In other words, they are not absolute truths, but accepted beliefs that lead to healthy, successful and happy life forms. . These principles were obtained by synthesizing the beliefs of successful individuals.

They are modes by which these people perceive reality and this leads them to behave in a certain way, what guarantees the success in your work and personal endeavors. The way in which we see the world that surrounds us, determines how we act. If we then take these beliefs and make them own, we perceive reality in a different way and act accordingly, achieving a great improvement in our lives. Also, adopting these beliefs, the way in which we face everyday problems is amended. We see them as complications and we interpret them as opportunities, challenges. Thus, it will change the way to deal with them and resolve them.