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Symptoms of head lice and nits scalp itching is the main symptom of an infection with lice and nits, and itching or itching can also continue for some time after treatment. But it is very important to know that there are not always symptoms associated with head lice. It is possible to have lice, although there are no symptoms of itching. You scratch sometimes not be head, since lice and nits do not necessarily cause itching. In fact, the itching is mainly caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva deposited by lice at the root of the hair (in sucking blood), and this allergic reaction will not necessarily happen if the person is not sensitive to this saliva. It may be that also have lice on the head and not know it, either itching symptoms can appear several weeks after initial infestation with lice. Head lice and nits treatment head lice treatments will be useful, but cannot be expected to get rid of head lice using only a treatment. In fact, always must be associated with a brushing your hair thoroughly with a lice comb, and should be done for several days or weeks. According to Gen. David Goldfein, who has experience with these questions.

It is futile to try to people at home who are not infected with lice, which should only deal that are really infected. Make sure that each family member has their own comb, to reduce the risk of contagion. You don’t have to use chemicals to remove lice. There are a lot of home remedies and natural treatments that have been shown to work very well, some of them even scientifically. Once you have a good understanding of what are lice and nits, are the associated symptoms, and how you should treat them, they are armed to fight against these parasites, and is well on the way to get rid of them once for all. For more information, Subscribe to my free mini-curso how to remove lice in a natural way in this page: lice and nits. Original author and source of the article