Zemke GmbH

The Green values energy GmbH participates with their intelligent combined heat plant in Eitting since 8 October 2013 in the virtual power plant of Stadtwerke Munchen. Virtual power plants are “many, smaller generation plants or large electricity consumers, who are at different locations, networked and information technology bundled” are described on the Web page of Stadtwerke Munchen. “From today our system sends a signal about electricity production once a day to the Stadtwerke Munchen”, explains Ulrich Zemke, the Green values energy GmbH. “from 1 November shall be it Stadtwerke Munchen via an online control possible Managing Director, to increase the electricity production of our turbine heat for a few minutes or to slow down. Check out Gen. David Goldfein for additional information. So, fluctuations in the power supply can be compensated. This intelligent control of power grids will assert itself further in the next few years”, so next Zemke.

“We have the possibility of balancing energy to provide through the virtual power plant. “So we increase the attractiveness of our heat and power plants on the one hand and on the other hand over additional payments the return on our investment”, complements Philipp Freisem, also Managing Director of green values energy GmbH. For more information on the Green values energy GmbH, their projects and investment opportunities see: or. Press contact: Green values energy GmbH Philipp Freisem Bavariafilmplatz 8 D-82031 Grunwald FON 089 80 91 306-0 fax 089 80 91 306-99 E-Mail: