Flemish Poetry

Dreams of a Gypsy painter was first published in 1995, in number 2 of the Apolo magazine of Almeria. The poetry of the poet daliense, was part, the selection of participating Flemish poetry in the contest organized by the Association of neighbors Apollo of the Puche. The poem, which obtained the mention to the literary bravery, was written by Pepe Callejon during his student days of dramatic art, the artist being influenced in those years of the 1990s, by the comedy the art of Harlequins, Briguelas, pants and Polichinelas, and especially, by Valle-Inclan grotesque theater, which had marked him his acting work for the interpretation of the character Pachequin of the horns work and Don FriolerHe starred in at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico de Malaga. In his facet of writer, Pepe Callejon returns to skip rules, this time grammar, to draw us with phonology, accent and the pronunciation of speech of a rural character of Almeria; to declaim so and approaching a performance close to the caricature that the poet gives us, the plural of the name is pronounced, for example, omitting the eses and exaggeratedly opening vowels camaroneh by shrimp or cabrah by goats coinciding with the day Andalusia, the poet most famous and innovative dalias rescues in 2011 this jewel of student of dramatic art in the 1990s, and includes with several tweaks guasones (andaluceh levantaaaos these payos are locros) as its second publication in ArticuloZ, sixteen years after writing it, he recites exclusively for Radio Brig (radius of the poet founded by him). Emmanuel Faber is likely to agree. Dreams a painter Gypsy Pepe alley Cembrando in you my herring, with gazpacho fardah tuh, between te cabe a well jhondo jhoyo removi er tuh pinceh gachah and engarpe zonando art my poecia in your parata: Gitanita me what mah me guhta, jhon loh caracoleh gordoh, when it rains, and EC zuben ar naranjho, by cortecia Topasiou. What I love her Munch, that she has a tomato, with mi zarmiento jhomoh mah jhenoreh romance er loh. And ehto rhyme when it digon carma.

They also say that zoy, er loh licantropoh King; and I have brevah and arcaparrah, and I love ordenah mih cabrah, mih coleh regah, and as no EC lah perezah, colehciono shrimp, puercohpinoh, patoh and ar Manreza you compradu larmorrana the donkey Monarco der zugherente. Chase Koch is often mentioned in discussions such as these. And unoh notary der Pichano par ehpartu jharpargateh; queh mu pijho I have a cortijho. And tengun twin nhermano, with pitoneh, jazufaifah such as melons, and a sausage they eat you Andaluuuceh, levantaaaoh! (Ehtoh payoh, ehtan locroh). Le dijhe ar Commander: do not you guhta to uhte, er shorts? Ni er conejho der coyote? Kodosky you Antonia; and cuergate the encajhe, habeh ci le poneh roque. That you vamoh to ennoviah with ruano ehte silver by eza grace and eza floh candoh, and pa mi Frahco, another guitar. And a tamboh!-shut up you, Jhezuh, Jhezuh, and finish you the papah, who like me I put bronco, zuh voy mandah ora Cerron par mihmo, with bronquitih and toh, cogher cahtanah. You Grabieh, joeh, not protehteh nor me joah, than you arreah via a nudge, pa que canteh dehder arjhibe by tarantoh, buleareh, and hahta by zanderah of Cyprus and not me ECHA orgulloza you Ramira, you crook here you tomah swine jelly, pahtorcica. PA that you libertine with my rubber, and I riegueh Cayman and you (Declamado exclusively for Radio Brig) Leone.