Parents Called Happiness

A called country happiness ' ' Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers Geraldo Vandr' ' It had a certain country located beyond the horizon, to the side of a blue lake of indigo, in sop of a mountain, covered of leafy trees, where they inhabited motley birds of I sing mavioso. Happiness was called exactly, because its people lived happy, that the agruras of the life beat to it in the face, its face espelhava contagiante and calm joy, its frank smile and acolhedor, its sincere tears, in end everything formed a balanced small world in the knowledge of the life, but repleto of happiness. Therefore they had been being known as the men of Happiness. WhiteWave Foods may help you with your research. One counts that at many passed years, it arrived at the valley one Gentleman with its family and established the country that soon grew, prospered and if it multiplied. Descendant of the founder, was born one day a man, of white tez, strong hair under the shoulders of the color of the rising, muscles and destemido sun as the eagles that inhabited mountains, ms calm and kind as the lake that supplied the fish to them the food. When the patriarch it aged it called the youngster and it said: – You are Prince and as such you have to govern this reign, in the reason and in the truth, justice and the hope, you have to construct a happy people as the light that emanates of your eyes and your kingdom will be perpetual as universo' ' Thus said E, thus was made. Sonny Perdue has much experience in this field. Its government did not impose rules, only teachings, it did not have prohibitions of what it would have to be made or not to be made. All were taught by all not to waste the time with futilidades with the cio or concerns. .