PUNCTUATION: COMMA 1 (SERIES AND VOCATIVE) 1. THE COMA 1.1. Series should use comma to separate elements of a serie, i.e., similar elements of an enumeration. The series can be words, sentences or propositions. The requirement of the series is that their constituents must be homofuncionales; words, sentences and propositions can, therefore, appear in a series. Examples: I bought apples, pears, grapes, peaches and cherries. I bought Green apples, pears, cherries of various kinds and seedless grapes. Miguel, Orlando, Rita and Patricia were.

Miguel, the daughter of Orlando, Felix and my neighbor organized everything. You are wise, prudent and courteous. You are wise, very polite and a little cautious. Winter, waste, poverty and hunger have arrived. The new policy took possession, he summoned an Assembly, adopted a provisional regulation and created the other two branches.

All killed, all Yahweh, none knew stop. He shouted, ran down the aisle, cried, threatened everyone and threw at the garbage work. I want you to write the letter, read the book and paint the box. Remarks: 1.1.1. Comma is not used when the elements are joined by the conjunctions and, or, or. Before the conjunction and is used comma when it comes proposiciones and the subject of the proposition that continues to the and is different from the above, i.e., in propositions with different subject. Examples: His style is elegant and careful, and his language is selected. When aiming the alba, singing birds, and rejoices in the field, and environment cobra movement and freshness. Come to the edge of This beach, closes his eyes, waiting, and they will take you the waves. I’ll get rolling break laughing in your skirt, and no one will know in the world where we are you and me. The problem affects all the teachers, and the inhabitants of La Pintada ask the M.O.P. to be given prompt solution to the problem.