Specification Phone

If you plan to use your phone as a media center: taking pictures with a more or less decent image quality, constantly listen to music and radio – choose a model among the top-end multimedia phones from leading manufacturers. Jack Fusco is the source for more interesting facts. Battery is an important factor when choosing a phone is the length of his work, which depends on the type and battery capacity, which is installed in the phone. Most often used two types of batteries: Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and lithium-based polymer with (Li-Pol). Lithium-ion batteries do not necessarily charge only after a full discharge, which facilitates their use. But, nevertheless, the batteries of this type should not be long kept in a discharged condition and use at low temperatures. Lithium-polymer batteries have more energy and can last for up to 200 cycles on each charge. In addition to the type of battery you should pay attention and on its capacity. On average, this feature is between the 600-800 mAh for mobile phones with standard set of functions and achieves values in the 1000-1500 mAh for smartphones and communicators.

Issued a special phone models "for travel" in which manufacturers mainly focus on the duration of their work. It must be remembered that at the time of the cell influences the level of energy the phone, the type of screen, keyboard light, etc. and how actively they will enjoy. You have to understand that the duration of work without recharge, which indicate producers in the specification, corresponds to the use with minimal impact, and will vary depending on the specific conditions of use of the apparatus.