Metro Dmitry Gaev

Resonance in the press, caused this tragedy has been enormous, and a group of folk artists: E. Kamburova, E. Bystritskaya, A. Ostroumov, V. Gaft, Yakovlev, AL Kasatkin, LV Polishchuk, M. Levitin, AS Kolosov – appealed to the head of Metro Dmitry Gaev to support the idea of creating a monument to ‘Compassion’ on ‘Mendeleyev’, symbolizing respect for all living things, a protest cruelty to homeless animals. Money for the creation of ‘Compassion’ gathering the whole world. They came from Russian and foreign citizens in the theater, music, poetry by Elena Kamburova, the website reported Yabloko Party.

Faithfulness In 2004, in Togliatti, a monument to German shepherd, who for seven years in the eyes of the city waited on the roadside of the owners, killed in a car crash. From the day of the tragedy of the dog, apparently hoping that the owners return, whatever the weather all year waiting for them at the curb, says Constantine, or rather, as it was called Togliatti, tried to take back home, compassionate citizens, but each time he returned to his post. Several times he built a booth right beside the road, but he ignored the convenience moknuv merznuv rain and the wind. The only thing that he did not refuse take from people – it’s food that he brought many of Togliatti, driving on South Highway.

After the death of legendary shepherd the townspeople decided to immortalize. To get started on the road immediately put a shield with the inscription: ‘The dog, teach us love and devotion. ” Poster constantly blown away by the wind, some cynical hooligans threw stones at him. Then Togliatti public to put forward an initiative to correct this bronze monument. Proposal was sent to the mayor of the city. The business community has not remained aloof from this idea. Two years after the death of the dog at the intersection of South Highway and street Lev Yashin came pedestal, where it is written only two words: ‘Monument devotion ‘. At half meter bronze statue of Faithful was spent 250,000 rubles, which were collected throughout the city. Mounted on a granite pedestal sculpture dog made Ulyanovsk sculptor Oleg Kluyev so that passers-by the way it seems that the dog turns his head after the passing cars, as if still hoping to see their dead masters. The most difficult, according to Klyuyev, was to convey the nature of faithful dog

Black Cat

Just exit of a relationship very conturbado, and no matter how hard I tried for diverse times to remove my old love of the heart, could not affirm that it did not go up to around my thoughts, that is, was not the moment to know somebody, for better that it was. They had been innumerable colloquies for the MSN, few phone calls, at that time it travelled very, for this reason not yet we tinhamos in the joined one. Hear other arguments on the topic with Secretary of Agriculture. It was then that my friend seeing that one rains and does not wet, tried ‘ ‘ bolar’ ‘ a plan stops finding in them, in the anniversary of its daughter-in-law. I confirmed everything, and I made with that all believed that would not lack, but obvious I did not appear.Here it is that in the same day in the end of the afternoon I receive a phone call, was it, half brave, asking because does not appear, pulls life I was without favour, it told that it was without car and for this reason we could not finding in them in that night, and pra my luck it it would travel in the following week, uffa! I thought, when it to return already forgot everything and is free. Which was my surprise when I was summoned to leave in that night, without excuses, there My GOD, I tried all the reasons, but in this height until my friend already it was of full bag, and it spoke that it would have to go, I BEGGED that it was with me, therefore the possibility not to like it was very great, and from there she would not be alone, tadinha, it directed for hours, it has 400 km, but exactly thus it did not abandon me, and still it took the son, tadinho, the place did not have nothing to see with last.