Preparing Speeches For The Festive Evening

Any event requires the preparation of speeches, and even more entertaining. If you write a script for you – back-breaking labor, limit your detailed plan. Prestressing and will have to write separate pages congratulations. If the evening is devoted to the holiday event, or birthday present, these greetings are performed without any preparation, and should not be too ornate. But you can show off his own eloquence, previously having learned it by heart. Mandatory condition of preparation for the festive evening performances and a successful party are props, and prizes for games and mini-performances. Texts of roles for the past also needs to write on cards.

As prizes are always good things come with 'twist': clay figurines funny gnomes (you can find in nature), mugs with inscriptions in the subject, scented and floating candles, key chains, sticks and Chinese any other nice, but cheap stuff, and suitable for both men and women. Gifts can be symbolic, such as homemade medals with inscriptions like: "Giant big sports ',' enslaver high ',' Lovers sweet ',' rack and tin 'balloons with wishes, friendly cartoons, etc. Before the arrival of guests in the preparation of speeches for the festive evening, refresh my memory on the subject of jokes, toasts, jokes and riddles. Remarkably, if you find time and make a space balloons and banners with wise thoughts – such details are to improve the mood perfectly. We offer the following text. Text of the speech can be written on the cards and give the guests, asking loudly and eloquently read after the third glass. Games.

Tricks. Puzzles Now you fully prepared – you can start a festive evening. The main thing – to feel the mood of those present, control frequency of filling glasses and glasses and not wishing to disturb peace initiative exercise. Several recommendations for: 1. Duration of toast and congratulations should not exceed 1 minute. 2. Group greetings perceived better than the individual. 3. Games should be carried out after the third glass, even if it is mineral water. 4. After the games, dances and skits all love to sit and sing your favorite songs. 5. Any number of amateur – song, dance, poem – go to 'cheers' when female roles performed by representatives of the stronger sex. Before the third glass, strange as it sounds, you need to drink the first two. To make this process creative, smart people come up with special songs, toasts, which is pressure welded by all present. Without leaving the table, you can play these entertaining games.