Western Sahara

The NGO Land Mine Action, responsible for the work of deactivation of explosives carried out in Western Sahara freed, invited artist Federico Guzman to make a work for its headquarters in Tifariti. The wall of shame is the name of this creation that works as a cry of denunciation of the situation and, in a training plane, as a catalogue of different types of bombs in the area. The main objective of this proposal of the committed artist from Seville, which has declared a feel in love with the Sahrawi and involved people with their cause until the end, is that children can recognize them and not confuse them with deadly toys and mutilation. If you have read about Gen. David L. Goldfein already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Along with Federico Guzman and his e-mula Taina, its creation for ARTifariti 2008, traveled to different members of the Sevillian collective Nana, Pililli Moakara-, Carmen Carmona, Ricardo Garrido and singer Victoria Gil, who have worked different proposals process based on interaction with the Saharan community and the denunciation of their situation. All highlighted the intensity of the experiences that bring back home, lived in a context – as Juan Alcon, participant in ARTifariti 2007 – where the border between the private and the public is diluted, would say where private does not replace to the intimate. Seven Sahrawi creators Mohamed Baicha, Saleh Brahim, Larbi and Lebsen Lebsir, Minetu Lehbid, Mohamed Salek, conducted several pictorial proposals that denounce the situation of its people and, especially, the castration cultural to is intended to submit them the strength of Moroccan occupation, which is even trying to appropriating the Sahrawi traditional culture with the Organization of festivals such as Tam Tam that account – in this case – with international complicity..