Caracas April

That’s what more anguish to Venezuelans who wonder if Chavez has reason to say that there will only be Cliff if he is not ruling. One of the major stumbling blocks facing the possible return to power of the old parties is the promise that cannot be He will return to do the same that originated that Chavez broke in the Venezuelan political scene. With a clear offer of how that will not happen through tell clear the collective communicating what will be done and how it will be part of each candidate, would be a success that would gain adherents of protesters chavism rows in the execution of the present Government. However, I am skeptical of the way done and think the policy of our opposition leaders. I think be to spend all the rest of the year 2011 discussing that program and it was not until the election of the candidate when they shall make it known. And that error we will pay all Venezuelans since will have lost it that important time before briefing the Government machinery that already underway campaign in favour of the President. I also believe that it is possible that having multiple opposition forces grouped in the MUD is not easy to develop an integrated programme for all aspects immediately, given the large political differences between them.

However, if it could negotiate a program of matching in the General guidelines for starting the pre-campaign and go publicizing between now and the primaries progressively the programme for each sector of the country, until it is complete in February 2012. And that progressive agenda must be delivered to each candidate, to the extent that will build their teams to be reported throughout the country. We would see us all working in the same proposal, countering the Government, thus creating an environment of monolithic opposition grouped around a program, not a candidate. However this is a proposal, a shot in the dark. I still hope you can do something to go him gaining ground at the time. It requires a heavy dose of political tolerance between the same opponents. Same already exist concrete proposals written long ago by parties of the Venezuelan opposition must bring to light public.

Subjects such as the fight against poverty, economic programmes to abate inflation and generate employment, about security, PDVSA, etc., already have been largely studied, not by one but by several parties and political groups. The only thing missing is that parties that have them accept share these programmes and those who do not accept them for the sake of the good of all. And leave United in favour of a common proposition. One could say that the program is not the problem. The problem is summed up in the following questions: is there greatness and humility among the political leaders to accept that one person may not with the disaster in these 12 years? May parties stand a new Pact of governance that encompasses all the complexity of this time and which governs for the next period of transition? The answer to these questions lies the future of medium and long term for our country. More worth to the Venezuelan opposition not wrong again Caracas April 19, 2011 original author and source of the article