United Kingdom

Portishead have signed a new recording contract and it is working on new material, it would be her fourth album. They have been one of the most influential British groups of the 1990s, but spent most of the last decade doing very little. Expected its fourth production is as good as their third album. A spectacular return, announced Portishead while maintaining its original alignment and without losing sight of the mark of its characteristic sound. Portishead have now signed a new recording contract with producer Geoff Barrow where the essence of the giants of Trip Hop will be maintained. Speaking to BBC 6 music producer claimed that Portishead have signed a new important agreement. The contract is with the largest disk in the world. It is with people we trust and who knows that a band is the most important thing.

Continuing, Barrow said Portishead simply do not fit in the British music industry. We did the third album, which was spectacular. We have very little support from the United Kingdom, since they do not represent a particular demographic group of people. But the presentation of 2008, Coachella was something amazing. Portishead producer, confirmed that it will begin work on the new album during the summer.

I am writing to Portishead in July and August, and just want to move forward with the production of the new album. For us and for our fans will hear an album as a collection of the work of Portishead. The formats have changed constantly over the years, so if the disc remains the same format would not be relevant edit it and bring it to market. But if someone writes a work of eight to ten songs that really mean something, then that is something that should be shared, that is our case and our new album. Yet there is a time stipulated for the launch of the new work of Portishead. The album released in 2008, its third production, occurred ten years after their last album, released in the Decade of the 90s. Because you just have to wait because it is new creative wonder reaches the ears of lovers of good music radically different.