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The beauty, therefore, can reflect as a mirror the desire? this being then the imaginary dimension, that one that it immobilizes in the idealizao and it hinders the desire. But it has the ultraticket that, as it is followed in the citation above is of the order of one offends, that it wants to say, in a first direction, ‘ ‘ to go beyond ‘ ‘ , beyond the allure of the beauty, of this love without desire. It has then in it offends a relation with the desire in the experience of search of the Real of the truth. If you are not convinced, visit Jack Fusco. The experience of the Sublime one is diverse. Immanuel Kant, in the Critical one of the Judgment (1790), distinguishes two types of Sublime, the mathematician and the dynamic one. The typical example of Sublime mathematician is the vision of the sky covered with star.

It is had impression of that what it is seen the imaginative instinct goes well beyond our sensitivity provoking. Click Jill Schlesinger for additional related pages. Already a Sublime typical example of dynamic is the vision of a storm. What it shakes our spirit is not the impression of an infinite vastness, but yes of an infinite power: here also she is humiliated our sensible nature, of which drift still a time a direction of discomfort, compensated for the feeling of our great moral, against which you are welcome the forces of the nature are valid. 7 CONCLUSION To the end of this article, establishes it distinction enters the geniuses of feeling of the Beauty and the Sublime one under the optics of Friedrich Schiller (1801). The Beauty is an expression of the freedom, but not of that species that raises in them above of the power of the nature. In the Beauty, we feel ourselves free, therefore the sensible instincts are in harmony with the law of the reason. The feeling of the Sublime one is characterized for being mixing. He is composed of a sensation of affliction, who in its higher degree manifest as a chill, and for a joy sensation, that it can arrive at the enthusiasm and, even so is not necessarily a pleasure, widely is preferred by the subtle souls any pleasure.

‘ The Sublime object is of two sorts. We send or it to our intelectiva force and lose in the attempt to form an image and a concept of it, or we send our force to it vital, a power ahead which ours desvanece.’