The Mountain

Who never gave up something and later it was repented? What I can say e, of friendly form, to try to advise, is that the time passes very fast, and to give up something never will be intelligent, for the simple fact of that, exactly that the way is long, the time it will go to pass very fast, that is, if to give up the time alone will go to show to it that it must have attemped. If to fight, the time that also will go to pass, serve, at least, for a training, for a base and experience, aiming at the next battle! Nobody learns to only walk of bicycle seated in a chair looking at for the bicycle. We learn falling diverse times. Additional information is available at Craig Jelinek. This is one of our first victories in our lives. It is the time that less we have fears. The mountains without fear of what go up it will be able to happen! You will only know the difficulties passing for them and not fearing them without the least to know them! They face, they fight and they enjoy of the beauties of mountains and its dreams! The Mountain. When we go up a mountain normally we sight a pretty landscape.

How many adventurers had lost its lives trying to reach the top of a mountain? All the effort to see a pretty landscape! Everything to feel in its life an only moment, dreamed e, also, feared for many. Everything that we want for our lives that are not concrete and to our reach, normally it is in the top of a mountain. This in them brings two possibilities: to go up and to enjoy the beauties that the nature provides or simply not to go up and to continue in the mesmice.