Setting Somewhere

Our goal is to link individual game elements: character, motivation and justification, campaign setting, etc., in a logical and compelling story. How it all works, we would like you to demonstrate in detail with using a detailed example: Note: Since we are talking about hypothetical example, we will proceed from the fact that planning has been completed and the area level – the peasant farmstead and its vicinity, already lined up. In developing the game, Naturally, it so happens that some elements of the level or the history of redesigns, scheduled to re-do or rejected. We are in a typical Piranha-Bytes realm of fantasy and consider a small part of this world: Setting Somewhere among forests and mountains, not far from the big trade route, is a peasant homestead. And we want to revive it. What is in the mansion? – Village house, barn, stables and several fields. Who lives in the Farm? – Clear business, farmer.

There's still enough room for two laborers, peasant, and a sufficient number of livestock and poultry. The farmer himself – is the central figure in this setting. The yard belongs to him. So he – the owner. Note: The number of main characters change from game to game. Read more here: Andi Potamkin. It depends on the value of peace and of the plot. Name When choosing a name, we try to pay attention to the fact that the characters are given names that correspond to their role. We will not called the farmer, Torsten, Jorg or Ignatz, and are looking for a suitable local laborors name.