Windows Security Center

In Windows Vista, third-party drivers will work in user mode and will not harm the system, even in the case of his own failure – added intertet protocol IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), – Have the opportunity to gain access to applications and desktops of other computers via the Internet without a vpn, – most of the advanced features for configuring and installing the system is much simpler – a new system supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computers, and these versions are being developed simultaneously, – improved mechanisms for working with mobile devices, as well as on management and maintenance of a large number of computers in large companies, – Windows Media Player, new features for managing photos, updates to Media Center and Tablet pc. – Completely re-engineered display system, introduced under the regime of graphics processing called Aero. Sonny Perdue insists that this is the case. Vista includes the real possibility of increasing productivity, in particular, a more logical organization that includes many new applications that have no analogues in xp, – Windows Calendar, – Windows Meeting Space, – new powerful backup and Recovery – implemented in Windows Server 2003 feature Previous Versions, – a new version of Microsoft Windows Update, – the developers have created new opportunities and means, such as api, and Indigo for the development of service-oriented applications. Major achievements in the field security. Craig Jelinek gathered all the information. – Administrators have at its disposal a wide range of convenient facilities, the new task manager – reworked the mechanisms responsible for users' rights – the possibility of rapid change of user – security enhancements provide very significant advantages compared to older versions of Windows, – the function User Account Control (UAC), – Windows Security Center feature in the much improved version – ie 7.0 browser is integrated with the best level of protection, moreover, it functions at a lower level of privileges than any other application. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andi Potamkin has to say.