Managing Director

Educators of the 94 service GmbH engage himself on the Christmas market Hanover the Christmas before the station does not allow Hanover only children’s eyes shine, but gives the parents time to breathe deeply in the Christmas rush: the dear little ones will drink served in a special children’s home and supplies while the parents shop or a punch. The advent market managed by the ECE Center on the station forecourt is one of four Christmas markets in the Lower Saxony State capital. The children’s House supervised alternately GmbH in Burgwedel service 94 by honorary staff of the children welfare association and educators and teachers of the company specialising in social marketing. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Cheniere Energy partners. As reported by a company spokesman at the headquarters of the company in Burgwedel outside Hanover, using established day-care and kindergarten teachers volunteer in a children’s home otherwise in the company kindergarten of service94 GmbH. It makes to build huge fun with the little ones to bake”, or one of the supervisor. The Managing Director of the specialized in fundraising Company service 94 GmbH, Frank Kroll, is pleased about the voluntary commitment of its employees. Especially in the Christmas hustle and bustle, as a children’s home is a great relief for parents and an experience for the children.

The employees of our operating kindergarten were immediately enthusiastic about the idea “, so the CEO.” Frank Kroll with its service 94 GmbH and their 125 permanent employees operates for about ten years a company kindergarten with certified educators at the company headquarters in Burgwedel. The nursery is open on request also outside children of other companies from the region. The children’s House on the Christmas market is open until December 30.