Real Village

Insertion of the City in a system of metropolitan transport, that has as base the regularity, the security and the comfort of the passengers, renewal of the municipal public machine, through public competition, in areas of planning, collection tax, analysis and control of the public politics, adequacy of important instruments of the management, the elaboration of new plant of values of the urban growth of the city of Ipojuca, definition and implantation of politics of public security. Aspects of ' ' turismo' ' To adjust urbansticas politics the necessities of growth commanded and supported of the city, To improve attractive the road system of access to the tourist ones, to develop practical good incentivadoras campaigns of of citizenship in the city revision and update of the managing plan of existing tourism, revision and update of the existing project of qualification and control of the ways of lodging it city, development of program of quality in the attendance to the tourism, support and I stimulate to the cultural empreendedorismo development of programs of professional qualification, in joint with the enterprise sector, inserting the population in the activity of the tourism, to operate a system of permanent statistical accompaniment of the performance of the tourist sector in the city to develop a marketing project being objectified to keep, to extend, to characterize and to command, throughout the year, the flows of visitors proceeding from the current and potential markets. Comparative degree Of simplified form the comparative degree between the localities will be restricted the first stage of the managing plan applied in Port of Hens in Ipojuca, thus making aluso of the viable one and the points less approached the Brazilian northeast reality. How much to aspects of Tourism are clear the peculiarities of the regions the city of Ipojuca work the aspect sun and sea, that is, of a massive and pertinent tourism already the region of Real Village has its particularitity that is visible to the observer the growth around the Backwards-the-Mount university was possible to detect tourism of the cultural and even though ecological form, the tradition that passes for generations without if mattering with magnifyings and or new establishments.