All proposals for the franchise are not much different. Companies offer their brand on the adjusted scheme for creating an administrative structure and control the business, suppliers and training system. In principle, this franchise and strong.

It allows you not to invent the wheel and take advantage of existing developments. On the other hand such things as lump-sum payment, royalties and advertising contributions – a few spoil the picture. It is not always the franchisee for the money it receives something that rightly expects. Besides, potential franchisees the question always arises – and it not better to let these funds to develop its business. Practice shows that in most cases, not better. On the other hand, if such a requirement as the purchase of license of the company (lump-sum payment), present in virtually all franchise proposals, the cost of royalties and advertising contributions, not all require Franchisor. Approach to this issue in all quite different and before you enter into a contract franchise to find out exactly what they get for paying. If you pay monthly royalties and advertising fees, but you do not provide full advisory support, so you do not see supporting advertising activity – then there arises the question of whether doing business with a partner.