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While all contact points are listed in a four-stage process -, purchase relevance how to buying – and recommended potential shines through, and finally through the implementation passender(er) measures always new optimized. For this purpose, the location of touchpoint Manager must be created. The process in four steps, the complete process of the customer touch point management consists of four steps with two stages: In the first step of the analysis, it going to a systematic monitoring of customer-relevant contact points, during and after a transaction, and to document the local situation of the customer perspective. Secretary of Agriculture has firm opinions on the matter. The second step, set strategy, defines the optimal target situation for the touch points to affiliated passende(re) procedures to search and to find. In the third step, the operational implementation, involves measures that lead to the target situation, the first concrete planning required and their subsequent implementation.

In the fourth step, monitoring, then follows the touchpoint-specific measurement of the results. Based on the customer-related processes, if necessary, always further optimized. Under most conditions Gen. David Goldfein would agree. On closer analysis, far more than 100 touchpoints come together even in medium-sized companies. The best is a typical trip of the customer ‘, so an online-offline-customer-journey, through the business world once figuratively dar. The question on which touchpoints to concentrate, which new combinable, which can be neglected, which must be deleted and which are probably still missing is crucial.

It is necessary to filter out the Super touchpoints, which more than all others lead to a purchase decision, the permanent resale and closely interacted recommendations. Be quick and swarm intelligence ‘ use the tool can be used as a whole or selectively. So-called quick wins’, so fast results, should in the foreground stand in. Self-centered practices and inefficient Ressortgehabe must come to an end, because responsibilities and understanding of internal processes are the customers don’t care. Therefore, it is across the Department to analyze what you to the touch points in the individual experienced and whether a disappointed this or inspires.


All proposals for the franchise are not much different. Companies offer their brand on the adjusted scheme for creating an administrative structure and control the business, suppliers and training system. In principle, this franchise and strong.

It allows you not to invent the wheel and take advantage of existing developments. On the other hand such things as lump-sum payment, royalties and advertising contributions – a few spoil the picture. It is not always the franchisee for the money it receives something that rightly expects. Besides, potential franchisees the question always arises – and it not better to let these funds to develop its business. Practice shows that in most cases, not better. On the other hand, if such a requirement as the purchase of license of the company (lump-sum payment), present in virtually all franchise proposals, the cost of royalties and advertising contributions, not all require Franchisor. Approach to this issue in all quite different and before you enter into a contract franchise to find out exactly what they get for paying. If you pay monthly royalties and advertising fees, but you do not provide full advisory support, so you do not see supporting advertising activity – then there arises the question of whether doing business with a partner.