Mount Technology

In this regard, certainly need to repair windows. Fixing the window sill: Lower sill has a groove ('dovetail'), it ensures a reliable fixation in the application of construction dissolve. When the sill is mounted above the radiator, it is desirable to leave the gap is not menshe10 cm between the battery and the bottom surface of the sill. Credit: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital-2011. Window sills made of wood window sills for the highest quality wood is used precious wood, ash, maple, oak, beech … But it is possible to use simpler and window sills such as pine, because it is more valuable than the more expensive type of wood sill. During the process of preparing the wood is dried, polished, surface treated with mastic from natural vegetable oils and waxes.

Most running sills – pine, oak and buka.Naprimer, products from more ash oak by 30%, but this wood warps less and, hence, it keeps the formu.Podokonniki entirely from solid wood rather expensive. But a specially constructed multi-sills, as well as glued (width) of the slats. For higher density layers have so that the fibers of wood placed cross. To broaden your perception, visit Sonny Perdue. Bonding is performed at high temperature and pressure. Then the workpiece is applied protective coating (antiseptic pastes, varnishes or paints) to protect the material from moisture and ultraviolet radiation. If the sill is made without disturbing technology, its wood has a moisture content 7-9%, the surface does not crack and long retains its beauty. But the wooden windowsills needed care. They can not sop much water to clean abrasive materials solvents.

Dust dry erase or slightly damp tryapkoy.Zhelatelno 3-6 years to put on the surface of the sill varnish, wax or special chemicals. If you have wooden window sills are quite expensive, you sills can get from a solid slab HDF (10 mm) with glued wood veneer to it (2 mm) and it will not be different from the present timber. Mount Technology sills of different materials Mount Technology for window sills made of different materials, almost the same. Since the installation of the sill, and protect its surface from mechanical damage: Wrap the cardboard or foams. Remove protective packaging just in time of the installation. From the side of the window sill face very well missed neutral silicone sealant with fungicide additives that prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Then the window sill Get into the gap under the frame and vystavte level on wooden lighthouses (slope – 1% towards the floor). In this position, fasten the window sill. To do this you need wooden blocks (30-40mm). They are set between the upper slope vraspor and auxiliary board, placed on a windowsill. Under the ends of the bars are inserted into wedges. Much easier to mount the stone window sills: they do not swell up and not crack under the influence of varying humidity and temperature. If put the same window sills made of wood or MDF-board, in places touching the wall (under the plaster of the slope), they are insulated liner sheet penopropilena (foam). The edges of the sill, falling plaster (Typically 2.5 cm on each side of the board), wrap the foams and after plastering the slopes obrezhte knife flush with the wall. Cavities under the sill uniformly treat the foam Macroflex. Time fully cured foam – 24 hours. After that, remove the spacers and lighthouses and can carry out further finishing work. WWW.STROITELSTVODOMOV.COM