It is first necessary to understand the workings of your mind. Your mind is formed by all the past experiences and knowledge registered in your memory. It is very similar to a computer. You have there a mass of knowledge stored there that has formed the personality as you’re. It all started when you were a child and your parents or society surrounding you began to say that it was good, bad, correct and incorrect. As if they knew that. It is an irony that has no end. All that information I am registered in your subconscious.

And from now on forward that information acts for you instead of being yourself to take decisions. A way that helped me to understand how the mind works was a film called the Matrix. It is an excellent film and I’ve seen it about as 10 to 15 times by the extraordinary content that has. Everytime I see it I discover something new about how to operate the mind. There is a part in the movie where Neo the main protagonist is first with Morfeo the guide or teacher that helps Neo to discover their potential. The scene takes place in an old building where Neo meets Morpheus and asked: which is the Matrix?MORFEO is a very wise man and tells you to matrix this everywhere and inside, but you can not tell what exactly. The only way is that you see it or discover by yourself. Then Morpheus shows him two pills.

A pill red color in the other blue. The red pill represents the action and the blue inertia. Neo Decides to take the red pill and his world changed completely…because change? .for action is the activity of a free mind. The majority of people living in a total inertia. They are not creative or take action on anything, only recorded experience and knowledge in your memory.