Restoration Of Historic Site In Safe Port

The historic sites are pertaining corporeal properties or natural to the society. A furniture or property which possesss one meaning or importance for one determined society. These goods are part of the culture of the place – being able to be artistic goods as monuments, documents, buildings that represent souvenirs of wars or another local specific event. The thought of restoration of historic site started for return of century XIX in France, with intention to preserve the history of the country. The preservation and restoration of historic sites or cultural have basic importance for the development of the culture of a population. It is exactly with this vision that the city hall of Safe Port in the Bahia, with the support of projects and action, comes working in the restoration of the city. Recently the city hall of Safe Port, the project of the Chorale (company of inks) – Everything of Color for You of the Choral company of inks, the Institute of Historic site Artistic National (iphan) and the Association of the Architects and City planners of the Coast of the Discovery (arcorde) had worked in the restoration of the city. The project Everything of Color for You, counting on the aid of volunteers of the population, made the renewal of walls with the revitalizao of painting of the faades of old large houses in the Passarela of the Discovery and the Street Deodoro Marshal.