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In this climate that we are, the Atlantic, the varieties to be adapted are innumerable, the only thing that we are going to keep in mind is you conifer them they need a garden very well drained, and above all in areas where rainfall is abundant, we cannot allow that these trees have an excess of water that they will start to have a large number of diseases, especially of root as it is the phytoctora. Another recommendation is that on the verge of the sea not all conifer them suit, due to the salinity of the water, I will not give a list but a recommendation at the time of planting You conifer in a garden next to the sea, we set ourselves in the municipal gardens of our environment, or in the private gardens that are in our surrounding and with this experience we stand so our species, with much more security. At a general level, the most commonly used in small and medium-sized gardens are the dwarf varieties, for the creation of rock gardens, we can highlight the following: conifer for rockery: * Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoodii * Chamaecyparis lawsoniana minimum Aurea * Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Glauca minimum * Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana * Juniperus Comunis Compresa * Picea Glauca conical * Picea Abies nidiformis * Picea Glauca Alba * Pinus Mugo Pumilla Ramon Escobar is the director of the Cabinet of landscaping Blogs related fires forest Unjubilado CS Donky 1 Buganvillas 3 the EQUINOX of spring 2010 start This Saturday 20 this is last minute blog archive continue low temperatures in Iceland weather the climate of Morocco Without destination Panorama Pacific Blog Archive with two fire starts Jairala visited several areas devastated by the rains Metroquil on alert SSPyPC by increase of forest fires: Agency Rozsa. Detienen a Matkovic, go for 2 retired military; civic