Tohoku Imperial University Sendai

– Why not stay in Japan? – Because they realized that their testimony in the West would be crucial for the mutual enrichment of East and West. Until then, the Zen had been taught in Europe and America by Master Suzuki, but it was Japanese while Herrigel was one of the first Westerners to be recognized as a Zen Master Zen awakening reached was very famous for his book “Zen in the Art of Archery.” The Chinese translation had been made by the Master of the German original Tenno. – AY seemed so humble and discreet! – It is, but you only you stay on appearances. It also has a keen sense of humor. You will already know if you’re discreet and do not put their noses in where they call you. What happens to the other side of the river does not concern you. – Oido and copying, Maestro! – Herrigel account that, as a student, had been attracted to the mysticism but found no support in the German university environment of the time. When, shortly after starting his activity as professor at the University of Heidelberg, was invited to teach the history of philosophy in the Tohoku Imperial University Sendai, Japan, accepted with enthusiasm and for six years was used in the study Zen through archery practice and deep meditation.

– Is that why you so deeply aplicais archery and the art of the sword? – Above all, in Taichi is the mother of all arts. Tai chi gives us the form in a vacuum, reveals the power of space in motion, others make us feel all that exists. – How far with the enemy? – There are no enemies, but opponents to be restored to its true nature. Thus, if the Taichi find that we are instruments of immense strength, we can apply it to the sword, the bow, the stick or the deployment of a bare hand in judo or taekwondo. – Why do not you like to be called martial arts? – Because they are not even the samurai knights have been applied to the art of war. While in the West have made a lot of damage by converting them into sports with the nefarious goal of winning and defeating the contrary. – So it is not overcome? – Never, Sergei. The Bushido is the art of stopping the arrow in the air, not having to answer the contrary.

To stop their anger, their anger and aggression. In the end everything is resolved in a dance. – Today we are left untold, Maestro. – You think so? Remind me tomorrow to tell you what happened to the Indian Teacher Narada, because we do expect our guests.