President Ramzan Kadyrov

Before the battle, was present on the evening of the famous boxer, world champion Wladimir Klitschko said that the boxing tournament will be held in Grozny on a regular basis. "I want to thank President Ramzan Kadyrov for the invitation this great celebration of sport. Sport brings good qualities in a man, a good indicator for the younger generation. This feast of boxing in Chechnya is not the first nor the last, and these will be a lot more. We – I and his brother Vitali – will do everything we can to such boxing night held more often in the Chechen Republic. Most importantly, kids who are here, watching the boxing, as an example to be emulated and in educated qualities of real men, real dzhigits ", – said Vitaly Klitschko. So under fiery music to ring out Eromosole Albert – tridtsatichetyrehletny boxer well prepared, went to school American Boxing and is able to create for Baysangurov many unpleasant moments during the match. Before going to ring the Russian boxer voiced song "My city of Grozny," J.

Rasaeva, just under the theme of this song appears to Zaurbek each of its rival. Note that Baysangurov have certain advantages over the American in the first place – it's age. Zaurbek only 24 years old, he is well prepared and has the experience of fighting such a level as most importantly – he holds duel in his homeland. After listing the titles of boxing, the referee explained the rules of warfare. Duel began.

Rally was held. Apparently, Albert is not in vain looked fights and Zaurbek Applying the tactic by which he had a real chance to win this battle. Russian boxer a good command of the situation in the medium and long run, however, chose an American infighting, and initially had Baysangurov adopt this tactic. The first four rounds were conducted at a rapid pace.

Child Development In Aikido

In recent years, the most pressing issue in child psychology and pediatrics was the frequent occurrence in children of preschool and primary and secondary school-age attention deficit disorder (ADD), which often combined with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To a greater or lesser extent with the problem faced by most parents. Such children can not get together and perform any task properly, they forget everything about what they just talked about, it's very difficult to hatch 40 minutes in the classroom or at home when performing tasks. If the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is accompanied by, it becomes more and motor disinhibition: the child is constantly turning, moving his hands, fidgeting in his chair. These kids are like a hurricane, they all drift on its way and as if nothing can not stop moving. This is indeed so – the child "worn" is not to annoy your parents or because of disobedience (as seems to many), but because they simply can not control myself.

Children with attention deficit without hyperactivity are inactive, are very scattered. The main cause of adhd and add is a weakness such an important component of mental activity of the child as programming and monitoring, as well as aborted arbitrariness, which is necessary to study child development. What do parents of these children? Often, not knowing where to turn, parents are engaged in their "Native" kids to psychiatrists or Psychoneurology, where they receive advice to take a lot of psychotropic drugs. Sometimes it looks really solves the problem – the child becomes calmer.

North Caucasus World

So in the capital of Tatarstan, special problems are anticipated. If we talk about other cities, everything is complicated and not well understood. In Kaliningrad, a brand new stadium to be built at the October the island. To him already built a bridge and overpass. In the next three years will be put into operation a few dozens of spacious hotel.

And, basically, there are no prerequisites, that the western-most territory of our country to deprive the world championship. In Nizhny Novgorod, a new 40-thousands, have already allocated land area. Costs construction of the arena will be 200 million euros. And that's not counting the construction of hotels and roads … In Krasnodar, wonderful scenery. But 32000th going to bring to the stadium for 50 thousand. But this must continue to rebuild.

Yes, and all infrastructure must be adjusted to European standards. And it is quite difficult. Especially that close troubled North Caucasus region. Stadium in Rostov-on-Don, who now holds 12,436 people, is also dramatically will have to rebuild and expand. According to experts, this "will fly" at $ 250 million. And not the fact that our country decides to invest the money in the arena. After all, it will turn even more expensive than in St Petersburg. But still it is necessary pave roads, build … Hotel in Yaroslavl dismantle stands the old stadium, which holds its matches local "Shinnik" and erect new ones, which will be calculated at 50 000 fans. Serious reconstruction of waiting and the local airport. At night he can take now only 2,400 people. That, frankly, is ridiculous on the scale of the World Cup. But in Volgograd Samara with work on the construction of entirely new stadiums will begin only after a half year. Interestingly, in the Samara 50000th arena will be built on the island. And it laid the bridges that will connect the city with the island. In Volgograd, as the end of 2011 will bring "to the mind" as many as five four-star hotels. Apart is the candidate of Saransk. Special football tradition here. And the local stadium seats only 14,000 fans. As the "SP" in the reconstruction of the stadium will have invest at least $ 200 million. And it is unlikely our leadership decides to give that kind of money. After the 2018 World Cup and can be made without Saransk high. Especially that special football traditions in this city. That As Yekaterinburg, then, as you know, here a good hotel infrastructure. And the stadium is not so small – can take 27 000 fans. But this is not enough to host matches of the World Cup. Exactly therefore we must radically restructure the local stadium. However, for certain Ekaterinburg will leave the World Cup. In any case, as they say in the RAF. In general, the main candidates for the flight – it Saransk, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. A source in the RAF, on condition of anonymity, said that if they will reduce the number of cities hosting World Cup 2018 matches, then no more than three. In order to avoid scandal. Because the nine cities – also a great number.

Moscow Region

Are you looking for a way to throw out the negative energy? You want thrills? We advise you to break away from the usual cases and work to play. Of course, you could argue and say that the game just for teens. But This game will take all your thoughts, and the only purpose is to "save" himself and keep his team intact. We are talking about paintball. This is the most common form of recreation for many people, regardless of their status, position in society and the size of the purse. Here there is team spirit, which is often lacking in ordinary life. In addition, you can, without doing special physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body, so as to move you'll have a lot and often.

The game takes place in nature. For the game, there are specially arranged sites, which are available paintball club, or you can arrange a game on the road. All the players are divided into 2 group, each player is given a pneumatic gun-marker. Instead of bullets – balls of paint, if it enters the player's left is a bright spot, which means defeat the purpose. Where are interested you can contact to get a charge cheerfulness, good humor? For all those who are ready to join the "army" of players who opened a large number of paintball clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Major clubs for everyone: 1) Paintball – Club 'Revolt'. Total 10 km from the capital by Pyatnitskoye highway located the base of this club. For Muscovites have playground close to the metro enea. Here you can quickly learn the game of paintball, as well as to sporting events in basketball, volleyball or soccer. 2) Paintball – Club 'Black Panther'. There are sites of varying degrees of complexity. The territory of the club, located in eastern suburbs, can simultaneously accommodate 400 players. 3) Paintball Club 'Olympian'. There are 5 sites for the game of paintball. Located in the Airport, near Moscow, Direction: Leningrad highway. 4) Paintball – Club 'City is located in a forested area Moscow, near metro . 5) Paintball – Club 'TOP GUN' is situated in a coniferous forest, only 45.5 km of highway from Moscow's Yaroslavsky. 6) Paintball – Club 'Guards' is located in a clean place, not far from Pushkin (Near Moscow). Playgrounds have their own legends, invented by the writers.

Yet Capoeira

Those who "finds himself in a capoeira", a fairly short period of time can achieve very good results. For example, one of the clients already have gone to a seminar wizard Bangguo, where proved to be a real fighter. Still a lot of promising students. Only six months ago, one student was first introduced to capoeira lessons to our club, started from scratch, never went to the aerobic classes, attended only gym. Now enthusiastically engaged not only in the main group, but also trains personally, and he has a very good performance.

What lessons, group or individual, it is preferable for capoeira? In time personal training program can be selected individually for each client taking into account his age and physical capabilities, as well as inclination – to develop flexibility, stretching or exercise to focus on strength exercises. Yet Capoeira – is first and foremost, a collective game, and only speaking to the audience and competing with an opponent, you can realistically assess their ability to understand what progress you have made, and over what more do you need how to work with. And this emotional charge of capoeira get, just playing in the group. For those who want to do capoeira in our club, I would advise first month resemble the group sessions, and then begin to combine them with the personal. What is to come to class? Need something special, unusual? Any suit, comfortable sportswear, footwear was the main thing to slip on the solid, straight bottom. These capoeira do barefoot – a tribute to the tradition and style, but for dealing with the club is better to train in the shoe. There are, of course, a special form, which is sold at master classes – different colors, different signs – in Each master has its own, but this is for those who do capoeira becomes a way of life. When the host seminars and workshops, at the end of arranged holiday – sort of. On the nature of the players decided to come dressed in white as a symbol of pure thoughts.

Choose Billiard Balls

Billiard balls of phenolic resins are preserved in good condition up to 5 times longer service life than other balls made from polymers or polyester. The practice of billiards proves the balls from the phenolic resin is still suitable for the game, even after 400 000 strokes, while other balls already totally unsuitable for her. It is therefore logical that the balls of phenolic resins, are a good choice for both commercial and private owners of billiard tables. High impact cue ball so as strikes the cue ball in billiards is the essence of the game of billiards, impact of the ball is crucial. Process heat treatment phenolic resin aldegdnoy fully stabilizes the tension of the ball. This creates a glassy surface with high density, providing maximum impact resistance of the ball. Tests show that phenol-aldeginye billiard balls withstand more than 50 times more hits than any other billiard balls made of polymers or polyester. In billiard balls and twice as much resistance to scratching. Consequently, the intensity used even less well-kept pool tables, phenolic aldeginye billiard balls, certainly much less than others, damage mechanisms of a table or cue. Resistance to burn spots cue ball .

Japanese Earthquake

For its part, Sono Sion offered an adaptation sleeve of a story that takes place during the Japanese earthquake. The Venice festival gets serious with films about immigration. The British Andrea Arnold was surprised on Tuesday in Venice with a naturalistic version of the classic Wuthering Heights, characterized by lack of dialogue and music, while Sono Sion presented Himizu, an adaptation of a manga passed through the sieve of the earthquake that struck Japan. Two stories that move on the edge of loneliness in hard and rugged environments that determine the behavior of his protagonists. In the case of the umpteenth version of the classic Emily Bronte, filmmaker – winner of an Academy Award in 2005 for best short by Wasp has been carried away by his feelings for set up a complex version of the already by itself complicated Victorian history. A Black Heathcliff for a story of impossible love for social differences and in which l to nature not only starred images if not shown as an important element in the behavior of the characters.

It is a very deep book and almost more beyond comprehension, said at press conference Arnold, who considered that for some people who live in an area so wild as do the protagonists of the story, that nature has to necessarily be part of your life and what you are. A crazy trip that I did not know where or how it was going to end and which attempted to maintain the essence of a classic almost impossible to carry images. But this difficulty was that made you decide to give more importance to images than to sound and hence the almost total absence of music and little dialogue of the characters.

Holy Russia

He immediately charm all sober and correct, focused and confident approach to the business entrusted to him. Even without this, and increasingly some hitherto unfamiliar responsibility to its people for things football. Gus appeared Ivanovitch, who was soon christened almost a god (it was a mistake). And our team had to play, self-confidence, a certain looseness or something from past search for previous generations of martyrs. And see the result – a fairy tale of the summer of 2008, which is now our whole country an immense, our Holy Russia, in unison recalls, but with bitter tears in her eyes and sense of a comprehensive unbearable despair, but only now have a universal, national, I would say. And this frustration can be expressed in one simple question for all to yourself (I believe that most of these fans asked themselves this question): Well, what are we still missing? And here comes the fun and sadness for our entire Russian people – a people bearing nation. The answer is quite simple, and at the same time difficult simultaneously, because requires that all people think about themselves and their history.

That was long ago, even before the revolution of the 17 th year. Our people – the support of the Orthodox faith – in God drove overnight from their homes and livestock. The reasons were different, but result – is one: God among us is not. Began to live without it: nothing. There was a surge – during the War of the Faith 1941-1945, when all the soldiers (or most) saw the light, realizing, and many saw that without God, not to the threshold, when our holy saints of God were on the battlefields and in the open in front of entire armies (including German), helped our soldiers to drive the trash on our earth, when facing a decisive battle command armies paid for help from God and religious processions were held, after which the Germans do not hesitate just escaped from the battlefield in terror, surrendering their position without a fight (as in the capture of Koenigsberg, for example).

Olympics Organization

Needless to once again talk about the eastern originality and scope of the project, organization and holding of Beijing xxix Olympic igr. of architectural grandeur, it is worth remembering that the Olympics games – is first and foremost, all athletes around the world in various disciplines. In total, 906 medals of Olympic athletes claimed 10 700. And it would be impossible without high-quality sports surfaces, special sporting and komplektarnogo .Stadion 'Bird's Nest', built in Beijing specifically for the Olympic Games-2008, for 100 years .Bolshoy interest functionaries, athletes and awareness of this structure is explained by the fact that athletics – it is the most medal sport in the Olympics (47 sets of medals). At this stadium, even long before its discovery and the Olympics, had already been registered the first record! This record was the company mondo. 6 specialists of the Company and 50 workers completed installation works in just 10 days, including the laying of 16,000 sq.m. Athletics coverage Mondotrack ftx and drawing layouts.

Gyms for competitions in basketball, volleyball and handball was not only packed coatings mondo, but also equipped with sports facilities of this company. Just one of the leading places in the rigging equipment and specialized coatings gyms, Games organizers have identified for their domestic manufacturer of world-renowned company taishan.Tak all competitions in martial arts forms were based carpets and mats of this company: wrestling, boxing, taekwondo, judo. Gymnasts and athletes, also competed on the equipment taishan. Another Chinese manufacturer zkc from Hong Kong provided to not remain aloof, and other recognized the world of sports equipment manufacturers.

Tohoku Imperial University Sendai

– Why not stay in Japan? – Because they realized that their testimony in the West would be crucial for the mutual enrichment of East and West. Until then, the Zen had been taught in Europe and America by Master Suzuki, but it was Japanese while Herrigel was one of the first Westerners to be recognized as a Zen Master Zen awakening reached was very famous for his book “Zen in the Art of Archery.” The Chinese translation had been made by the Master of the German original Tenno. – AY seemed so humble and discreet! – It is, but you only you stay on appearances. It also has a keen sense of humor. You will already know if you’re discreet and do not put their noses in where they call you. What happens to the other side of the river does not concern you. – Oido and copying, Maestro! – Herrigel account that, as a student, had been attracted to the mysticism but found no support in the German university environment of the time. When, shortly after starting his activity as professor at the University of Heidelberg, was invited to teach the history of philosophy in the Tohoku Imperial University Sendai, Japan, accepted with enthusiasm and for six years was used in the study Zen through archery practice and deep meditation.

– Is that why you so deeply aplicais archery and the art of the sword? – Above all, in Taichi is the mother of all arts. Tai chi gives us the form in a vacuum, reveals the power of space in motion, others make us feel all that exists. – How far with the enemy? – There are no enemies, but opponents to be restored to its true nature. Thus, if the Taichi find that we are instruments of immense strength, we can apply it to the sword, the bow, the stick or the deployment of a bare hand in judo or taekwondo. – Why do not you like to be called martial arts? – Because they are not even the samurai knights have been applied to the art of war. While in the West have made a lot of damage by converting them into sports with the nefarious goal of winning and defeating the contrary. – So it is not overcome? – Never, Sergei. The Bushido is the art of stopping the arrow in the air, not having to answer the contrary.

To stop their anger, their anger and aggression. In the end everything is resolved in a dance. – Today we are left untold, Maestro. – You think so? Remind me tomorrow to tell you what happened to the Indian Teacher Narada, because we do expect our guests.