In the disastrous at least, world of Spanish politics, already nothing or almost nothing, we may cause surprise to patients suffered citizens of this country. We therefore, when it comes to our knowledge that previous Chairmen of the Government of the nation charge, cannot avoid, that keystrokes will accelerate us, and in the worst cases, increase our chance of that between us a tachycardia due to indignation which produces us see how blithely wasted money coffers publicwhich not is neither more nor less than the paste of all Spaniards. Mr Gonzalez and Mr Aznar charge State and eighty thousand euros a year, amount which also has character for life, based on the position played by exercising the Presidency of the Government of Spain, when both large incomes in private enterprises which currently provided, one way or another its services, is at least, something that blusheseven the dumbest of mortals, and even more, in a country that can beat a record historic, because we are approaching dangerously the five million unemployed, more than insist those interested in diverting attention to the subject, when they say statistics exaggerate, that the figures are inflated, and that the number of people out of work is fairly minor. Following our Ex, it is understood that these luxury pensions, can be perceived, and is one of the justifications that wield those who are in favour, based on enormous responsibilities performed and great services rendered to the Fatherland (although in this, should be clarified enough, especially by analyzing certain events with depth, detail and thoroughness, and can that one or some would not be very well portrayed in the photo of the story), and did not play another remunerated labour activity, but that the State itself, make richer, than they already are, to Felipin and Jose Mari, is unacceptable, and we use a fairly mild epithet. Cannot have two salaries, when one of them comes from the public Treasury, and at the time that the two mentioned characters, are dedicated to work or collaborate with the private company (the ethical valuation that deserves us to this fact, leave it for another time), should stop automatically, perceive the money that comes from the State’s coffers. It would have to ask all those who daily parade by queues of the unemployed, that is what they think on the matter, sure that the response of the majority would be forceful, and sentiment, so similar as when someone given a kick at that site of the body so much it hurts.

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We face our obstacles and do something with them.We will discover that they are not half of difficult to believe that they were.Norman Vincent Peale while we remain in this dimension, knowing the opportunity of life that has bequeathed to us, we must bear in mind that other passers-by as us have bequeathed us, so consider what us manifiesan, determine its scope and everything that can help us towards our growth. In this opportunity we have selected some contributions that contain important messages inviting you to be considerdos to be taken into account. To do so, have been considered the following reflections that we share with ellector interested in their personal growth and spiritual related that their content favors him in his awakening and motivate him to always be attentive in their actions while remains in this dimension. Contributions to be considered if you want to contact with innocence, that lives within you, takes note of the characteristics of the infant, this alert. you wonder, this insurance that is desired on this earth, feel that it lives in peace perfect for eternity. I am faced with the task of today with faith in myself and confidence in the Supreme Law of evolution of the spirit: today we are that yesterday weren’t: tomorrow will be what we are not today.

The enthusiasm not only encourages who experiences it, but it is highly contagious. If you believe in something you need to defend, you have a project that you want to move forward or you are working by doing something that will benefit others, you will surely find people will want to join your efforts. Fortunately there is no vaccine for the enthusiasm! If everyone learn to enjoy every little thing we do on a daily basis, we us happier and more satisfied with ourselves. Read more here: Carrier. When the clouds don’t let you see the brightness of the Sun, apartalasPues, in other words, will not manage to see the stars but the darkness of the nocheCuando can not sleep every night suenSolo met those who have them when someone you fails without more, do not you detengasnunca will lose you, if not life it shall remind you when you have a good friend conservaloes the best regalola greater fortune you can have, since this will never fail you, and not to forget, every day you wake up give thanks for what you have, not by what was left behind.Only in this way, you can achieve that inner peace so desired, yours, and what is best, yours.