One day, the Governments of the Nations, organized an expedition in front of which traveled a master experienced in philosophy and child psychology, to arrive at the country of Neverland with the intention of studying the behavior of Peter Pan because he refused to become adult. When landed on the island, once gave his whereabouts, our wise found it happy in the company of her fairy Bell and other children. After many hours of conversations, our wise understood that adults transformed a world in colours by another grey filled with conventions that eliminated the playful element of life. So he argued Solomonic, teenage Peter approach was appropriate to evade the boredom of existence, but as a member of a society, should be part of it contributing their talent and personal effort for the benefit of the community.

He read a statement by the philosopher Fernando Savater Peter listened attentively and which reads as follows:-the ethics is summarized in three virtues: courage to live, generosity to coexist, and prudence to survive. -Peter added: and time for fun. Which issued with a complicit smile. Dialogue was fruitful, and our wise, after responding to all questions Peter, made him realized that the spirit of philosophy had a child touch given that it was the stage of the whys. Student and teacher perceived after thinking that the soul you refuge in the Kingdom of thoughts creating ideas, projecting ways of living, illusions, expectations, but that philosophy and adulthood, is decorated with a world of sad abstractions that eliminate the strength and ideals of youth. They reviewed many books and a few pages written by other so-called philosopher Hegel, obtained the light. -Reconciliation between adults and children may not occur in reality, but in an ideal world. -That is the answer that you were looking for.

Dreamweaver Tools

Learn HTML at present is not complicated, abounds in internet information thereon, the course of pages web that give you technical school deals with the HTML, but by mistake you subtraction importance. Learning HTML is the difference in being a good web designer, or one of the lot, sounds hard, but unfortunately true, after having dictated the free course of design of web pages, with a total of + 20 videos dedicated to learning HTML and CSS, and after having written a book / workshop (a tutorial long resulted in rather), then of having taught html in technical schools for 7 + years, I’ve noticed that actually is very little people really willing to learn. Most of my students are satisfied with learning how to use the Dreamweaver Tools, with that thought that all, was said nothing farthest from reality, learn html gives us the confidence needed to scrutinize the code of a web page and make corrections faster than with an HTML editor (Dreamweaver be called or the) be to use). This ease of making corrections in the HTML is the big advantage. Me has llamadola attention, that even nowadays there are Freelancers who design web pages, but that at the time of wanting to make corrections in their designs can not, this due to his ignorance of the language. HTML is one of the most easy to learn language, once you dominate no matter what program you use to design web, since pages that the HTML editor will be indifferent to it. You need to learn html up to designing dynamic pages. If you want to learn to design dynamic pages, you brainwashed as base knowledge of HTML, since PHP is inserted into the HTML to interact with the database that contains the information on the site. I recommend that you see videos of web sites, there is much information on the matter, but takes advantage of those courses online that teach you HTML + CSS.

Live Animal Travel

Your pet could flee if it is not properly secured. Make frequent stops to allow your pet to use the bathroom. If you travel with your cat, you can take a small sandbox for trip in the conveyor cage. If you do a night scale during the trip, find out beforehand to find a hotel where pets are allowed. Make sure that your pet is properly identified. Take your vaccination certificates. Never leave your pet in the car in the Sun, and with closed glasses. Park in the shade, leaves glasses through to allow fresh air to circulate, but to allow your pet not to escape.

For air travel also considered: get a conveyor cage with one or two weeks in advance. Familiarizing yourself with your pet by placing on the carrier a few minutes per day. Gradually increases the time until the pet feel relaxed when you are on the carrier. Feeds for the last time to your pets five or six hours before the flight. Dale drinking water up to one or two hours before the flight. Show up on time at the terminal. Make sure that names and telephone numbers of the persons responsible for the pet both origin and destination are written on the carrier. Placed the phrase Animal live / Live Animal in large letters on the conveyor.

What you should bring: enough food for throughout the trip (you must anticipate where you go maybe you might not get the food that consumes your pet) its water and dishes of food a can opener (if required) some his toy awards and favorite blanket comb or carda an conveyor cage (mandatory for air travel, and highly recommended for land travel) belt, chest, collar, identifying plates sedatives (if it was prescribed by the veterinarian) and any medications your pet is currently taking a recent photo of your pet (in case that Miss) cleaning supplies: paper towels, deodorant for environments, plastic bags to pick up what your pet becomes dirty when you’ve arrived at your destination, you will notice that the pet has the same problems to fit you. You must learn where each thing is, know the human neighbors and animals. You must adjust to water and climate, and learn where to go and where not. Get the animal sits at home using things that are familiar, such as plaos, blankets, toys, and other items.

Swedish Quality

Huss, company of Swedish origin which offers free service for delivery of quality products for dogs, cats and horses, supports the animal protective Cadiz through its franchise in the province of Cadiz. Makers of it donated to the Organization 10% of its sales in all kinds of products who acquire partners, friends and supporters of the Organization’s collection and search for a new home for pets, to indicate the purchase is done on your part. In addition, these entrepreneurs have donated two separate batches of products Huss, to be raffled among those who make a donation to the cause of, consisting of different types of food, toys in the form of bone, flying dishes, etc. Ana Maria Fernandez Rodriguez, a young entrepreneur Cadiz for 22 years, is responsible for this multinational to the zone of Cadiz, San Fernando, Puerto Real, Chiclana and Puerto de Santa Maria. She is convinced that the philosophy of both organizations is very similar, so I was writing that we had to understand us: we collaborate helping to defray a portion of expenses that the protector has and they spread the quality of our products and our brand values. With regard to what was decanted by the franchise in general and Huss in particular, it ensures that the quality of their products, which are made of an extremely natural way, and the form of promotion used, in the form of delivery of free samples liked.

And is that if something has Huss is a huge variety of pet products: Premium and Super Premium, dry feed wet food, nutritional supplements, snacks or accessories for hygiene. Brand ensures the highest quality of them with continuous checks of raw materials, according to European regulations and laws of feed and food, as well as collaboration with suppliers registered and/or certified by official authorities. I am aware of that still has a long way to go in Spain, referred to as far as brand recognition, but the enthusiasm and the momentum we have franchisees will make it possible, with agreements like this. Word of mouth will be slow, but is the best promotion system, concluded Ana Maria Fernandez. Huss products stand out for their nutraceutical properties, i.e. they play its nutritive function and to meet different pet-specific properties, such as the care of teeth or help to thinning. For example, cat food contains taurine, an essential amino acid for these animals that helps prevent blindness. Huss offers individual free of food delivery service and quality products for dogs, cats and horses.

Account with three important parameters to mention: it is the only company in Spain that performs free home delivery, high quality for animal products do not carry artificial colorants or preservatives and their elaboration contemplates a maximum respect for the environment, using eco-friendly material in the container. The investment to become in franchisee is 5,000 euros as entry fee. Subsequently exists a 200 euro monthly royalty, from receiving the first order, and about 1,500 euros recommended for this. The brand currently has 50 franchisees in Spain and more than 750 in 46 countries in Europe and America.

Outside Moscow Rove Magi

The main ‘black spot’ in the north suburbs – the forest-covered island at the confluence of the Volga River Bear called ‘triangle of Tver’. Every summer, when the people of Dubna in large numbers go on vacation outside the city, start conversations that the island once again saw a huge glowing balls. They emit an unpleasant noise. At this time, vacationers Radiation at radio. A boat sailing seems to be on the quiet water, start to go shake. Local historians have organized on a mysterious island several expeditions.

The last one was this summer. The camp is pitched on the right bank of the Volga. At midnight, near the moon suddenly appeared dense shimmering ball and slowly move to island. Suddenly, from the ‘second moon’ separated a little yellow ball and flew among the stars. Nothing else happened. Disappointed by the observers, finishing the remnants of alcohol, dispersed to their tents.

At dawn they were awakened by the sound beating dishes from extinct fire. Getting out of tents, historians have seen as a fresh morning mist, swaying unsteadily smoky figure of unusual creatures. Suddenly it turned around and, quite uhaya, rushed into the depths the island, breaking the bushes. The museum has a ghost inhabits the lady in the city of Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum is located in a building at the end of the XIX century belonged to a wealthy landowner Moraevoy. It was a local Saltychiha from atrocities which have suffered not only servants, but also relatives, forced to spend time beside the old woman waiting for an inheritance. Often happened that one of its approximate disappeared. And then the city was rumored that landowner ruined another Christian soul. But no evidence the police have not been. As she died ‘righteous’, too, is not completely clear. But now, once or twice a month, the museum wandering white ghost. According to eyewitnesses, there is it after sixteen hours when the museum closes. Another proof for serpuhovchan ‘filth’ of this place – Two years ago shot a guard. And no matter how many ministers were trying to start a museum or a cat, animals flee away. Kozlovka go to – let me be raped! Each resident Krasnohorska from childhood heard about the sinister Kozlovka. Narrow lane that connects the street with the local Forest stadium – headache city police. Here occur most terrible crimes. And if a message comes on duty about the murder or rape, then, without waiting for specifying the address, it sends a patrol to Kozlovka. Already more than one generation of local peasant women, complaining about his fate, and say: ‘I’m going to Kozlovka, let me be raped there …’ And under the Soviet regime, and in recent years before the election Kozlovka tried to put in order. But each time, the ‘damned’ road lights installed on Next morning they found themselves overwhelmed. To clean-will clean trash and a night breeze will cause the new piles – trees, branches, broken glass, old posters … Among the city’s street cleaners even have a superstition: scrubbing Kozlovka can one day age of ten years. Black Spot sidestep even cats and dogs. But here the huge rats live.

New Credit Assessment

Thursday, March 31, 2011. Moody s the international credit rating agency announced that it would downgrade the credit rating of the human race from AA to 1 of the BBC 2, a spokesman announced today. The person who spoke on behalf of the Agency of credit was quoted as saying that the reduction was due to the volatility and uncertainty that are taking place around the world at the present time and doubts about the sustainability of the policies currently pursued by Governments around the world. This person was quoted as saying that there are enormous benefits in the long term to do right now, but that the risks were very high and that, in general, we recommend buying short. This person was the hope that there would be more news in the near future, but pointed out that the events unfolded rapidly and that in the circumstances which recommends diversity and versatility to all its customers worldwide. This person was quoted as saying that the Agency was expecting to issue a statement to the day very soon. Important new statement by Moody s, the international credit rating agency. The person he spoke on behalf of the Agency’s credit, as it was cited, that due to the seriousness of the situation of Moody s are assessing the gravity and the seriousness of developments 24 / 7 and issue statements updated in the very near future.