State Polytechnic University

In St. Petersburg, successfully completed the seminar "Electronic Library System in higher education: challenges and directions of development" that runs October 20-21, 2010, with the support of "Alley of Software" and the community ELIBCONSULT. Speakers of the seminar – specialist libraries, universities, IT companies, publishers and aggregators companies. Among them – TA Ligun (OOO "ERGATON NTF") EV Bun (ANO "National library resource"), NV Sokolova, and AV Kedrin (IKBIS St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University), IV Lyazina (FSUE STC "Informregistr"), SV Kim, LB Kochetov, MS Polozova ("Alley of Software"), AB Antopolsky (RAO "The Institute of Scientific Information and Monitoring"), EN Beilin (ID "University Book"). The main topics of the seminar were the organizational and methodical, legal and content aspects of creating electronic library system at the university. Speakers talked about the requirements Ministry of Education, Rosobnadzora, GEF HPE and recent changes in them, about techniques and approaches to the creation of DEC and the integration of these systems and corporatism, the differences between the ALIS, DEC and the electronic library, E and also on Web 2.0-services community ELIBCONSULT. Particular attention was paid to content-creation aspects of e-libraries: requirements for electronic publications as the objects of acquisition of library collections and registration electronic scientific publications, complete electronic editions of academic libraries and experience with foreign publishers in the Russian market in licensing matters.

The seminar was also held presentation of various electronic library systems, among them – IQLib (TS Nazarova, OOO "Integrator copyright), (AV Konovalov, publishing "BHV-Petersburg"), and "The University Library Online" (OP Bibarsova, Publishers' Direct-Media "). Completed the program of the event bus tour with a visit to Kronstadt, in addition to the main attractions of the city, Central City Library of the city. Summing up the seminar, Stanislav Kim commented: "A year ago we opened a series of events dedicated to the implementation of digital libraries, held a seminar" The great interest higher education community to the creation of electronic library systems spurred by government agencies, publishing soovetstvuyuschie regulations and serious penalties for violation of regulatory authorities. The seminar this year has turned out interesting and informative at the expense of involvement specialist libraries, publishers and developers of the electron-library systems. The seminar was attended by over 100 representatives of libraries, universities, publishers and IT companies from all over Russia. For those who unable to participate, we conducted an online broadcast of a seminar in Twitter () and uploaded to the site all materials. In a short time on the site will appear and video versions of the reports. We thank all the speakers and participants, and invite all comers to our future events! ".

Soviet Union

With a weak Zhora walleye live bait and crumples long swallows, clutching his 'bulldog grip' their powerful jaws. Jora is a sign of a weak stiffness inverted cup. This should not be perevertku quickly hooking. Must wait until the perch will Unwinding the woods. A fast sweeps, sometimes when he vyvazhivanii not abatis, throwing live bait. If clubs are equipped with single hooks ( 9-13), also should not rush to cuttings, giving pike perch time swallowing live bait. The best walleye bite – in the summer, from early dawn (with ashen dawn light) and before sunrise, the evening bite, with a sunset until dark.

Closer to the fall walleye begins to take all morning and even during the day, especially in cloudy weather. In spring and autumn to let clubs should not exceed 60 cm from the bottom. In summer, small and medium-sized perches sometimes take a polvody, so at the beginning should catch a few clubs to put with a different descent, but not higher than in polvody and to determine more perevertkam catchability descent. In hot weather the best results come when catching it on the smaller places. The practice refutes the view that the perch zhiruet exclusively at night. At night, it bites more rare. Only in the summer in a short, bright and windless night perch can be successfully catch the sunset and before sunrise. At dusk, it is easy to lose the cup, so when fishing at night in a big pond it is expedient to reduce number of circles and take a stand against the observations for the dawn.

Mugs visible against her reflection in the water. Undercut walleye pike less resists, he never jumps out of the water and very pliable. Large perch sometimes reaching 5 pounds, must calmly and skillfully vyvazhivat take a net or bagorikom. To successfully catch walleye is very important to know the specifics of the reservoir. Absolutely requires accurate measurements of the depth of the entire sink. Catching on strongly terraced floor is hard, but sometimes gives good results. On some waters walleye good takes and early spring. Bite it usually continues until the spawning period, which is in the central part of the Soviet Union takes place in late May. Spawning walleye occurs at a depth of koryazhistyh places, so it is not noticeable. Given the frequent movement of perch in the pond in search of food, mistakenly focus on the former location of his zhirovki. Often perch on them anymore. If one or two Tony futile, it is necessary to change the plot quickly catching on as close as possible to continue to not lose valuable time bite. Preferably, the nearest fishing with cluttered floor. Any lining – a favorite place parking walleye. In windy conditions you should not rush to change Tony, especially long, as the fast moving gear itself is a fish. Fishing for walleye kruzhochnikov has a great interest in sports by their surroundings, technology and quality production. Beginner kruzhochnik under the influence of the first failures should not be disappointed. Success does not come immediately. Improving gear, increasing the powers of observation, studying the habits and characteristics of fish pond acquainted with the experience of the masters, the beginner can and must succeed.

Advertising Agency Symposium

Want to earn more? Use custom promotions. You can use your body as an advertising platform to sell books in bulk, like potatoes, start the swordfish in the lake and catch it to declare angler prize of one million dollars, as did the American beer makers … The body as the advertisement. Twenty-five resident of St. Petersburg put up for sale ad space on his body! In order to sell ‘advertising space’ on the Internet site was created from the name of which, one can understand what is at stake. Natalia, that’s the name ‘seller of advertising space on his body’, said it aims to earn $ 1,000,000. Already for six months she received from the business $ 1610.

Do not be surprised that such advertising is very profitable for the advertiser. First, it is not as expensive as it sounds, and, secondly, like ‘spectacle’ attracted the attention of many people, so impact of such advertising is very high. Underground cinema. Coca-Cola Company posted a series of light boxes in a dark subway tunnels. As a result, passenger trains, which flies past the scoreboard with great speed, the sum the impression that they looked commercials. The motor trade. Lottery winners at the opening of Boston’s got the right shop for two minutes to collect as many free CDs in the music store, as they can.

And participants “shopping fever” have shown good results. Most of all – B6 discs – “grab” James Leavitt, but the total cost is much behind the Layey Laylz ($ 1300 vs. 2054 dollars), which account for 50, but the more expensive drives. There is clearly affected prelaunch 34-year-old woman. According to her, she engaged in swimming endurance, yoga for self-control, trained memory and even draw a layout of store environments. “This – the only such opportunity in life and I’m prepared for it – said Lisa. Hosts the store at first glance, the miscalculation, because they did not think that you can dial discs more than 400 dollars. However, such a high rate of “Race for the discs,” probably will be even more memorable advertising. Advertising for 4 cents. One New York theater posters sent to citizens, putting them checks for 4 cents. In advertising stated that this fee for two minutes of time that people spend on reading the posters. It is not known how many people came to the bank to cash checks, but the play, which was described in advertising vacant seats were not. How to hang kilogram? Cause of the Italian publishing house “Feltrineli” were far from brilliant. Books “regularly” lie around in the stores. Then the firm’s management decided to move shocked many – published by selling literature on .., weight, like fruits and vegetables. And for every kilo bought new books considered by some to discount. From the publishers of words quickly got down to business, and soon a number of Italian bookstores appeared scales. Now going into them, just gnawing boldly ordered “a couple of kilos and grams of two hundred poems of philosophy.” Now books of this publishing house is occupied the highest positions in the rankings. Meowing advertising. Distinguished non-standard advertising Whiskas. By shields were attached speakers, of whom came the characteristic mewing cats. As a result, advertising has attracted the attention of not only consumers but also the press. O ‘meowing’ advertising has written numerous papers and magazines.

Extra Laptop

If as a partition you use a sideboard, one item from the list can be ruled out. However, there are others: bed, nightstand for equipment, wardrobe, desk and chair (or couch), a bedside table … This list each may vary differently. Assume the table and can be discarded, especially if the band you have provided only working and sleeping and comfortable ottoman to put in front of the TV in the corner of working area. Working with a laptop? Then you either what cumbersome computer desk, you can buy a lightweight and translucent table for the laptop, the lid is barely larger than the area of the notebook. Add to that comfortable chair – and your immediate work area ready, while it hardly covers an area of more than 2 square meters.

There is a place for the puffs, and audio systems, and racks of books and discs. The bedroom also have to be a bed (fixed or folding), and actually, everything. As for the dining area, a kitchen interior, at least, no need to divide into the zone! Just pick the right kitchen set in accordance with the size of the room, and if there is no money in the kitchen, buy everything separately! So, by the way, you and the kitchen will be able to release more space. Incidentally, the issue with the area is extremely important. Of course, when business professionals involved, the problems with the extra inches will not arise, because they were in any case will have to adapt if somewhere they made mistakes.