Real Village

Insertion of the City in a system of metropolitan transport, that has as base the regularity, the security and the comfort of the passengers, renewal of the municipal public machine, through public competition, in areas of planning, collection tax, analysis and control of the public politics, adequacy of important instruments of the management, the elaboration of new plant of values of the urban growth of the city of Ipojuca, definition and implantation of politics of public security. Aspects of ' ' turismo' ' To adjust urbansticas politics the necessities of growth commanded and supported of the city, To improve attractive the road system of access to the tourist ones, to develop practical good incentivadoras campaigns of of citizenship in the city revision and update of the managing plan of existing tourism, revision and update of the existing project of qualification and control of the ways of lodging it city, development of program of quality in the attendance to the tourism, support and I stimulate to the cultural empreendedorismo development of programs of professional qualification, in joint with the enterprise sector, inserting the population in the activity of the tourism, to operate a system of permanent statistical accompaniment of the performance of the tourist sector in the city to develop a marketing project being objectified to keep, to extend, to characterize and to command, throughout the year, the flows of visitors proceeding from the current and potential markets. Comparative degree Of simplified form the comparative degree between the localities will be restricted the first stage of the managing plan applied in Port of Hens in Ipojuca, thus making aluso of the viable one and the points less approached the Brazilian northeast reality. How much to aspects of Tourism are clear the peculiarities of the regions the city of Ipojuca work the aspect sun and sea, that is, of a massive and pertinent tourism already the region of Real Village has its particularitity that is visible to the observer the growth around the Backwards-the-Mount university was possible to detect tourism of the cultural and even though ecological form, the tradition that passes for generations without if mattering with magnifyings and or new establishments.

Academy Driver

During the last Christmas have noticed the desire of fundraising that existed by the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona when it comes to punishing drivers, as soon as they neglected a little, came up fine. With the new law of traffic in force, the fines imposed are disproportionate since being in double row the sanction is two hundred euros (before were ninety), if you pay within the stipulated time is reduced by half (one hundred euros) but whether recourse and do not accept your arguments to pay full and with delay surcharge, with which virtually almost all possible resources are saved. Filed under: Gen. David Goldfein. With new technologies applied by agents, i.e. the vehicle passing record, they must have made of gold, even at the expense of having lost, for me, the professionalism, kindness and sympathy with which counted because the vehicle recorder no analyzes if the driver is within or is not in your car, you simply record your registration and then fine you get home; When forever if the driver was, (clogging with) his car while waiting for someone), came the agent kindly greeted you and showed you that there no you couldn’t stay because otherwise you denunciaria but these ways have definitely lost because they must no longer teach them at the Academy to those who start but most have an impressive pimping and arrogant attitude, without any respect to drivers and without thinking of that charge their salary thanks also to the taxes that we pay. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chase Koch. The only consolation that remains for me, is to think that it was a slogan of the tripartite, (outgoing Government), and that the President more you mediara to try to lower that attitude a bit, but until you do not change the Mayor and the party that governs the Town Hall are just I hope that that will occur in the upcoming municipal elections that are already very close.

Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk

The Advisor community calls on its members to help and ‘Donate’ Munich opportunities collects for the action, December 17, 2008 – for a long time, the discussion about the security and vulnerability of the Internet circulating in parent and teacher groups. How to teach you the proper use of the new media in particular children and young people? And where does one for the enlightenment and where does it stop? It begins with simple questions: how much time is allowed to spend a child from the computer? And it can surf alone and without control of the Internet? Is there to block a way for parents of certain pages? These and other questions are also members of the Advisor Portal Our members are already sensitized for the protection and education of children and young people in dealing with new media. “, so Markus Wolflick, Managing Director of GmbH. now we take us even in the duty and are committed to the action opportunities donate ‘ of the German children’s Fund”, so Wolflick next. The project donate opportunities ‘ is committed to various topics.

The GmbH collects donations, to the action of media case together with their members ‘ support. The case is aimed primarily at teachers and tutors in recreational facilities. It offers appealing material to children and young people in addition to the common, often inadequate teaching materials, proper behavior on the Internet and clear action items, to convey to deal playfully with new technologies and applications. Project partners of the so-called Internet surfers media case are the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., voluntary multimedia service providers (FSM) and Microsoft Germany. More information and background for the fundraising event on: or.

Relief Operation

“PIECES for PARACAS” is a fundraiser for the reconstruction of the so far successful dolphin protection project in Peru-Paracas, which was rocked by an earthquake in its foundations. In late August 2007, there was a severe magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Peru. The epicenter of the quake was exactly where to save the dolphins (GRD) operates a dolphin conservation project since 1999 and has built a sea Protection Center of Peruvian dolphin and sea protection organization ACOREMA with: in the city of Pisco, in the region of ICA-Paracas. Under the motto “PIECES for PARACAS”, the GRD launched a fundraising campaign for the reconstruction of the so far successful dolphin protection project in Peru-Paracas, which was rocked by the earthquake to its foundations in October 2007. Piece by piece we want to get back to normal: with functioning schools, where marine ecology plays a special role, because the students are the decision makers of tomorrow with the continuation of the observations of our now famous Godfather dolphins and the expansion of its protection (and their popularity) and reconstruction (stone by stone) of sea Protection Centre and thus further information of public involvement in the protection of dolphins, the terrible earthquake killed many people and destroyed over 70 percent of the houses, including the famous Tiravanti House, where the Marine Conservation Centre was set up. The exhibition space with Dolphin models, display boards, whale skeletons and much more, as well as the seminar rooms with binoculars, projectors and computers were destroyed. A funded by the GRD textbook on marine ecology and dolphin protection to over 900 teachers in schools in the region of ICA-Paracas was distributed in mid-2007. Many of these schools have now collapsed, up to now, there are still no regulated lessons.

Many children lost their homes (also our colleagues from ACOREMA) and are traumatized. Sleep still in camps and the impressions of the earthquake have left great anxieties among them. As a first emergency programme, puppet shows are about Dolphins for children carried out to distract them a bit of the horrors and suffered pain. All children love dolphins and so marine mammals in beautiful stories can be packed a little comfort as “little therapy help”. Continue to begin as soon as possible with the search after our godparents dolphins. Live in the waters off Pisco GRD Godfather dolphins: bottlenose dolphin, we know on the basis of its back fin which personal names and are regularly observed by the in-house Eiterinnen and employees of our partner organization in place – ACOREMA -. They are found, the regular observations should be continued. As a long-term goal, we want to rebuild a marine conservation centre with our partner and set up. As soon as possible to back seminars and courses on marine ecology and dolphin protection offered to the population. For the purchase of a suitable property and development of the marine safety Center, we urgently need help. GRD, Denise Walker

Humor Helps Heal

humorous fundraising of special the Berlin author Petra Muhlenstadt sees itself as a humor donor of a special kind. With her book, Mrs. Schmidt is waiting for the Muse “(ISBN-13: 978-3867034838) you supported the tuberous sclerosis Germany e.V.. The Club including their own research projects funded with donations, the treatment options for this rare chronic disease to improve the fate of patients with tuberous sclerosis (TS) has moved around deep me. I would like to book a small contribution, that the disease is better known and might someday be cured can.”Petra Muhlenstadt declared their commitment. We are very pleased in the unconventional idea of woman Muhlenstadt, to draw attention to little-known disease in this humorous way on our. To improve the quality of life of TS-affected families, research plays a crucial role.

Due to the low interest of the pharmaceutical industry, we are dependent on it, finance research projects themselves to be able to. Help us donate.”so Claudia Groth, regional spokeswoman for the Association of Berlin and Brandenburg. In her first novel, Petra Muhlenstadt tells everyday stories with the special look for the funny thing. For the author, the ideas are literally on the street. Everywhere, which Mrs. Schmidt, the protagonist of the book, to encourage reflection and inspire situations. Along the way, the reader learns that train travel makes creative: the stories were all written during the author’s numerous train rides. New book projects found and find their craft place there as well.

Trapeze Fork

Zundapp was one of the first manufacturers which returned to production after the war. Already in August 1947, the first DB 200 left the production halls. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from A. F. Chief of Staff . This model still strongly reminiscent of the motorcycles pre-war, she had a Trapeze suspension fork and a three-speed gearbox which was operated from the tank. Nevertheless this series was a resounding success, with constant improvements was the series until 1955 produced. The Zundapp DB 201 appeared in 1950, it was replaced by a telescopic fork the fork. The engine had 200 cc and 8 HP. It was to a 2-stroke engine with page float carburetor as was customary. The engine was very robust, jumped well on an endurance runner.

It has spread too quickly, the Zundapp was a resounding success. Certainly there was even better, more modern motorcycles, the Zundapp DB 201 was no longer on the cutting edge of technology. Lacked a rear suspension, which was a big disadvantage for the poor roads of the time. Just as she was called tank circuit, as antique other manufacturers have long since switched to the modern foot switch. The engine was thrown due to the missing shift lever left in direction of travel, some getting used.

First, the DB 202 Derby received the improvements which were urgently needed. The one that Jurisch rear suspension and a foot switch. On request, there was the rear suspension in the DB 201, but only at an additional cost. This DB 201 had then also the solid hub wheels with better brakes. The Zundapp was a very good motorcycle, even today there are still many copies.

Honda Rider Pitti

At the latest since the cell phone ban at the wheel, it’s official that technology while driving is risky. But what about hands-free devices, navigation device, or iPod? The car community has launched a survey. Cell phone while driving is taboo”, writes autoki Member alex. Also Honda Rider Pitti 19 agrees that wholeheartedly. Not everyone can be an all-round attention talent such as his ex-partner. Read more here: Sonny Perdue. Phoning without hands-free kit, smoke, loud music and still doing good driving and parking”, remembers Pitti 19.

Especially the distraction is apparently underestimated by navigation devices. “Alex explains the rising number of accidents in Europe: many cars now have a Navi and the drivers then just follow his call and no longer pay attention to the traffic.” So not always each turn right”equally rigorous in practice implement. Sometimes should be available until the cyclists in addition, alex says with a wink. Ford Fiesta driver of Tobiasbierwas has very specific tips Creative Commons: the radio should be first the basic functions “as volume up, volume down, title, back – exercise in the parking lot, so that you can also use it without looking.” He can be distracted in his Ford by nothing more. Practice makes it perfect. About the danger by iPod, Navi, mobile and DVD player in the car can be read on here:… and treacherous technology…

Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin via autoki in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin founded. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) financed. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.

VisuKom Shows Trends

The VisuKom Germany GmbH has specialized in security consulting services and offers its comprehensive services for ICT security in the course. The focus is particularly on new technologies. For this reason acts VisuKom always with a view to the future and presented also at the CeBIT 2008 in Hall 9, booth B20, trends and focus on how the new infrastructure hardening workshop and the so-called WirelessRadioDevices analytics. Lectures and live hacks round out the exhibit. By the same author: Sonny Perdue. The focus of the ICT security experts is detecting vulnerabilities and the inter alia on the analysis of network infrastructures, Development of corresponding solutions in cooperation with the customer.

While VisuKom focuses increasingly on modern media. Because topics such as RFID and Bluetooth increasingly in the spotlight. Therefore, VisuKom offers the testing of wireless media (also Cordless keyboards, cameras, mobile devices, etc.) under the title of WirelessRadioDevices analytics. Learn more at: A. F. Chief of Staff . Network and application review on the infrastructure hardening workshop at the CeBIT VisuKom will also be presenting a novelty in the service portfolio: the infrastructure hardening workshop. If the new service to a network – and application review in the character of a workshop.

This will be brought to bear following a proven penetration testing. With a such a test, the specialists of VisuKom intentionally attacking ICT environments to identify possible security holes. The subject content of the workshops are set individually with the participants based on the results of the tests of penetration. Documented security vulnerabilities can then on-the-fly in-depth analyses and in cooperation with the VisuKom consultant will be closed.

North Balogun

Intelligent control boiler thermostat and save energy costs RA PLUS-w by Danfoss communicates via Z-Wave North Balogun, February 12, 2008 Danfoss, a manufacturer of refrigeration and heating technology, with RA PLUS-w a Z-Wave based radiator thermostat on the market brought, which provides location – and time-independent control of radiators throughout the House. More information is housed here: A. F. Chief of Staff . Property owner or homeowners can also remotely so the temperature in their rooms\”rules and thus reduce energy costs. Through the built-in Z-Wave chip, the thermostat in a home control network can be integrated, so that he can be controlled then for example, PCs, PDAs, remote controls, mobile phones or over the Internet. The RA plus-w is distributed as part of home automation solutions partners Danfoss as, for example, Merten, Innovus, electronic housekeeper, etc.. Heaters are Germany’s largest energy consumer, but also contribute to a large part to the comfort. However, the rapidly rising energy prices force mainly House or Apartment owners in older buildings to austerity measures.

So the cost of heating oil has risen, for example, in Germany according to the heating level since 2000 to 44.3 and for gas to 57.8 percent. Same comfort with reduced heat output saves already 6% of energy costs already reducing the room temperature by just 1 degree Celsius. Heating thermostat developed by Danfoss allows you to reduce the temperature by up to 3 degrees at set intervals within a day. The Z-Wave chip built into the thermostat also allows an integration of the device in the home control network. Via radio, the RA is PLUS-w the ability to communicate with other Z-wave devices.

Thus, the location-independent and comfortable control of the heating element, for example, through a central Web interface can be made. This address can be on the Internet, can to respond, for example, from the Office or vacation place currently to weather changes. Each room is individually adjustable living room can, for example, during the day stay warm, while the bedroom is heated in time to go to bed to a comfortable temperature.