Many of the animal species in danger of extinction in the U.S. do not appear as such in their records. The country that boasts one of the laws for the protection of animal life more veterans has not cataloged more than 500 species. An investigation drew the inaction of their successive Governments as the main cause. An American researcher has contrasted the list of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), a law established in 1973 and considered the best in the national Red lists, which elaborates the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) and has proven that the American left has many out. The study has found that the American species included in the red list of the IUCN, 40% of birds, 50% of mammals, and 80-95% of other species such as amphibians, gastropods, crustaceans and insects, are not recognised by the ESA as a threatened species. This equates to approximately 531 species of us that are on the IUCN Red list but not in the protection of the ESA list.

Includes species of birds such as the short beak Murrelet (Brevirostris brachyramphus), critically endangered, the threatened Ashy Storm-Petrels (Oceanodroma homochroa), and the Warbler Ceruleolos(Dendroica cerulea), catalogued as vulnerable. ESA has protected species since its creation in 1973 and could have prevented the extinction of 227. However, their implementation by successive U.S. Governments has been problematic, including a poor coverage of species in danger, insufficient funding and political interference said the Chief Researcher, Bert Harris. Barbara Zentilli, veterinary responsible of the center of rehabilitation of Fauna Silvestre (CRFS) of the Committee National Pro defense of Fauna and Flora, CODEFF, was who gave them the welcome and invited them to listen to a talk on Chilean wildlife, its importance for Chile and the world, care you have to have with them and the factors that have influenced the deterioration of their ecosystems. We do not have much awareness of the importance of our fauna for Chile and the world, and recently there have been extinctions of species and many are with conservation problems, or are vulnerable or endangered species; species are endemic, meaning that only occur in our country and if they disappear in Chile, disappear from the world points out.www.Cazaworld.com also said that some major causes of the disappearance of species and deterioration of their ecosystems is the fragmentation of habitats, which cuts the natural corridors of species and their living conditions; the over exploitation of resources and finally the hunting, capture and trade of wild species. He also pointed out that in our country there is the hunting Act which would avoid the traffic and wildlife trade.


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