Gothic – a period in the development of medieval art, covering almost all fields of culture, and enhanced in the Western, Central and Eastern Europe partly the XII and XV century. Gothic replaced the Romanesque gradually supplanting it. Although the term "Gothic" is most often applied to architectural structures, Gothic also covered sculpture, painting and book miniatures, etc. Gothic began in the XII century in northern France, in the XIII century, it spread to the territory of modern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, and England. In Italy the penetration of the Gothic went later with great difficulty and a strong transformation that led to the emergence of the Italian Gothic. " In end of the XIV century Europe embraced the so-called International Gothic. In Eastern Europe, Gothic entered later and stayed there a little longer – until the XVI century. To buildings and works of art, which contain the characteristic Gothic elements, but later created XV-XVI century used the term "neo-gothic." In 1980, the term "Gothic" began to be used to refer to subcultures (Goth subculture "), including musical ("Gothic") and scene ("goth scene").

Dance Professionals

Secondly, you need well thought out scenario in the evening and connecting to the female half of its implementation team, if we talking about February 23, male or – if the party is preparing for March 8. Third, after the feast of the participants have to get home: usually by taxi or public transport – private cars are parked, because Feast presupposes a certain amount of alcoholic beverages. And finally, at the end of the holiday should be put in order an office: to arrange for places tables and chairs, wash dirty dishes, take out the trash. Well, If this manages staffing cleaner, and if not, then the morning of a new working day has to address the consequences of violent party. Corporate festivals in "Bekasovo" will provide an opportunity to forget about all these worries. Currently does not permit the triumph of a hurry, bustle and variety of "pads", and if the organization of the event taken by professionals, you can be sure that nothing like this happens.

Taking care of guests and first-class service can be seen immediately on arrival in the resort complex. Cars can be left to a separate parking lot, under the supervision of the vigilant guards, but by going into the already prepared for the holiday banquet hall. An event, organize musical arrangement and a number of interesting contests will help the local team of animators: professionals can easily cope with any tasks assigned to them. And after the ceremony pieces and a celebratory dinner, you can go into the billiard room, bowling or Dance-Club – in "Bekasovo" is fun for everyone! Barbecue or barbecue lovers will appreciate the availability of special tents for the preparation of these dishes. Now, these activities do not depend on the environment: neither rain, nor snow can not stop the company to enjoy juicy meat with a slight taste of smoke.