Application Bingo launches a free application to generate bingo cards in a PDF file to print easily. You can print bingo cards free for 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games. Madrid, Spain June 15, 2009 ( has included in its web page an application very sued by lovers of the game of bingo is a bingo cards generator printable bingo cards free. The generator allows you to generate free bingo for the two most popular bingo games cards; Bingo 90 balls and bingo 75 balls. Bingo cards generator offers the possibility to print free bingo cards in a single click. In addition, the generator allows you to generate bingo cards in four different colors; Orange, pink, blue and green. Each user can generate as many cartons as you want for each of the bingo games, generates a PDF file containing the bingo cards that you can save on your computer or print.

The 90 ball bingo cards consist of twenty-seven boxes distributed in three horizontal rows and nine columns vertical, i.e. a grid of 3 9. Each carton bingo contains fifteen different numbers between them, distributing five of them in each of the three rows of that carton is composed, i.e. each row contains five numbers and four empty squares. In the first column of the cardboard has the numbers from one to nine; the second column, from the tenth to nineteenth; the third, from the twentieth to the twenty-ninth; and so on until the ninth column, which includes numbers from eighty to ninety containing carton.

On the other hand, columns that make up the bingo cards have three, two or one number, but there is never a column without numbers. Cartons are grouped in series, each series consists of six cartons containing ninety numbers that make up the bingo game. The 75 ball bingo cards consist of twenty-five boxes distributed in five horizontal rows and five vertical columns, i.e.

Vaclav Havel

Match those skilled in the art, and I understand that they are not wrong, when they point out that for forming the character of a person, without a doubt, we need some basic needs. Namely: affection, warmth, food i.e. all stimuli necessary, and at the same time complementary, to learn to discern between good and evil. By the contrary, contrary to the above needs under: psychic or psychological, abandonment, lack of affection, lack of understanding the children tend to develop a fearful and doubtful character: they lose the love of life, and they become broken toys of lifetime, which many people (badly named this way) violate and tend to get rid of them. I’m talking about realities, that rather than fictions. Here’s why appear in the family environment children lonely. Our current society has become permissive and complacent, to such an extent, that everything seems us well, and we’ve stopped thinking, to not complicate life.

Nice scene! We move forward along a path that seems wrong, in many cases, tolerant, and as a result we find ourselves immersed in a cluster of defects (moral imperfections): there are defects of family, status, occupation, age, etc. If all these defects coincide in an individual and do not prevent with prudence and efficiency, are helping to form an intolerable monster, a kind of Superman in terms of ideas, that takes us from one side to another without time limitations to the space. Vaclav Havel, playwright former President of the Republic of Czechoslovakia (1993-2003), said in his day to several Rotary Spaniards: tolerance begins to be a weakness when the man begins to tolerate intolerable things, when it begins to tolerate evil.Asked if he knew the border between them, said: Unfortunately there are no computer mathematician that can secure the border. This depends on the moral and ethical sense. La Coruna, 29 April 2011 Mariano Cabrero is writer Copyright photography updated original author and source of the article.

Embassy Festival

Barcelona is a city of film more, and therein take place many events related to the seventh art. 9-April 18, that you’re enjoying a stay in one of the hotels of Barcelona you can enjoy the film with the international festival of short films Mecal. The festival will offer a selection from among the more than 3,500 short films entered in competition. The projections will take place in several locations including cinemas Malda, Institut Frances, MACBA, Espai Cultural Caja Madrid de Barcelona and the Club Lounge Mau Mau. For the full event tickets are 15 and can be purchased in advance, while a single day passes cost 4. The festival is divided into three official competition sections. On the one hand, the international section and section Obliqua, which will be assessed by a professional jury of international prestige, delivering prizes.

On the other, the documentary section, which will be valued by the public. Mecal 2010 has sections parallel wide thematic range. For Tuesday, April 13 festival of fantastic specials are scheduled: Vampire, UFO and zombie and the session Back to the Future, showing how saw the future audiovisual productions of the past. There will also be a children’s section for the little ones, with morning screenings of children’s shorts, and a section dedicated to the Stop Motion: OK Computer. Mecal 2010 has Belgium as guest country and as a follow-up to cinematographic projections also committed to music including the concert band of Flanders Das Pop, which will take place on Monday, April 12 to 23: 30 h in the City Hall (Rambla de Catalunya, 4) room and will have the support of the Flemish representation of the Embassy of Belgium in its programming. Tickets can be purchased the day of the concert at the box office, for 15 euros. Joan Roca, director general of LateRooms Spain, says: the demand for Mecal is always significant for what we recommend book hotel in Barcelona as soon as possible. Original author and source of the article.

New List Eases Import Constructors

From 1 January 2008 for vehicles crossing the Russian border in parts, entered into force "lightweight" process of registration. New vehicle registration procedure will be performed on a single list of Japanese models manufacturers. Decree of the General Directorate of Traffic Police set the procedure for replacing components and assemblies for foreign cars. This procedure is in common parlance is called "bringing the car under the TCP (for documents)," or "bringing the designer." New the list includes more than 200 basic models of cars. All other regulations in force up to this point, now repealed. Read it and download it to your computer, please visit The new order provides a framework principle, when replacing major components and chassis of the car is only on the basis of the base model cars. The list has not included some of the models of so-called "hybrids", ie, vehicles with Combined motor.

The only limitation in terms of increase range capacity of the vehicle. It can not increase by more than 40 percent. In the event that the vehicle model is not listed, you can refill it, but you must appeal to the U.S. institution that is engaged in the development of the document, or in the main committee of the traffic police.

The Skills

The alternative proposed by Godin, is to become passionate in what we are doing now and in doing so you may be more successful since it will provide completely. Our name as not enough brand that we be what we intend to be, is essential that that fact is recognized through a binding relationship with our current or potential customers and our name to ring them as a distinguishing mark. In order to build a brand around us concept, we need: create needs in others (have Javier on my computer generates me a feeling of security, prestige and best image service) build a differentiation, specialization that we stand out from others (Javier has several graduate degrees, he wrote books and articles) build an image of trust, respect and loyalty over time with customers provide a scope that is called projective identification to customers (I want to be like him). Define a personality, a characteristic (troubleshooter, negotiating, oriented to action, holder of very deep knowledge in project management, etc.) possess a leadership recognized by our customers deliver a positive added value and perceived by other have a unique identity, related to the image, prestige, and our positioning in respect of others. Keep in mind that the only thing visible are our attitudes and behaviors by which we should work on them. As I usually mention it in courses, you may have strong knowledge of the techniques and tools of project management, but 80% of their time wanting it or is not intended simply to communicate. Some experts estimate that 15% of the success achieved with knowledge, while the remaining 85% comes from the skills of connecting with others, gain confidence, respect and relate. For these reasons here transcribe many references we do during our courses and they are important for forging our own brand: matter what they think and not what I think of my.

Ettore Majorana Foundation

We are fully aware that increasingly more is manifesta in our planet changes in our climate, generating effects that often have led to situations reviews, on where there have been cases of death, deterioration of the planet, serious affectations in, health. Such facts has worried many scientists, because they consider that it should be prepared to deal with emergencies and prevent disasters, everything that amenece our existence and the planet Earth. It is known that the Ettore Majorana Foundation was created 43 years ago in a remote corner of Europe to promote a science without secrets and without borders. Throughout this time, 87,000 scientists from 140 Nations participated in its meetings and workshops. It was in Erice where larger specialists sat at the same table in defense of the United States and the USSR to discuss about nuclear war. What distinguishes these meetings is the spirit that animates all participants, both students and teachers, although here any diplomas are not delivered.

In this regard, reminds us and says that more than 120 scientists, engineers, analysts and economists from 30 countries gathered in Erice, Italy, during the 40′ annual Conference on planetary emergencies. The term was coined by Dr. Antonino Zichichi, a native of this city and theoretical physicist who has made Erice a center where discussed on persistent and potentially catastrophic global challenges. This edition participants were not particularly optimistic. They presented data showing that the boom in biofuels is razing the forests of Southeast Asia, which hired computer hackers are raiding millions of computers and that the lack of progress in the handling of nuclear waste is preventing the revitalization of nuclear energy and increasing the risks of terrorism. The meeting was financed by the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for scientific culture of this city, and by the World Federation of scientists, of Geneva. Zichichi directs both organizations with what Dr.

Thus Speed

If we take R = 1megaparsek, the vap will be equal to 70.4 km / sec at the surface of a sphere of radius 1 megaparsek 1. Eslis surface photon is emitted in the direction of the center, its speed is equal to otnositelnoAP C-V (C-70, 4 km / sec) and this speed relative to the ap remains always ivezde. With this speed of photons arrive at the center of the sphere to the observer. In tsentresfery vap is zero, ie the observer is motionless relative to the ap eradicate the photon relative to the observer C-V (C-70, 4 km / sec). Thus The observer sees the photon, who flew to a distance of 1 Mpc, reddened, and decides that the light source is removed from it at a speed of 70.4 km / sec. It calculates the distance and was pleased that the Hubble constant is permissible limits (at plotnosti10-25kg/m3).

This is the Hubble constant. We have a choice: according to the accepted value of density we calculate the value of the Hubble constant, or measured the Hubble constant, we calculate the average density matter in the universe. As can be seen, the redshift and the Hubble znacheniepostoyannoy ap explains the properties without the involvement of "Big Bang" and "receding galaxies. According to the hypothesis up Big Bang was not, Vselennayaotnositelno stationary, respectively, did not need to invent an explanation of the fact that the Earth is older than her allotted Hubble age (14 billion years). be over 100 billion years.

In Hicuba

Battlefield of the Bay of pigs in April 1961 invasion, on the road to La Boca over 80 monuments there are reminders of fighters killed in the fighting. -Playa Giron: located at the eastern entrance of Bay of pigs and 34 Km to the will of Playa Larga, Playa Giron reminds named pirate of French origin Gilbert Giron who took refuge in the area back in the 17TH century. Good beach and good seabed suitable for diving, warlike scenario of the disembarkation of the 2005 Brigade in April 1961, there is here an interesting Museo Giron museum dedicated to the Bay of Pigs invasion where you can see a plane, a tank of war, weapons, pictures and documents from the fighting. -Fish cave: situated between Playa Larga and Playa Giron, is a species of cenote with crystal clear and deep waters populated by endless variety of fish, it is a great attraction for the lovers of diving. Diving in Cienaga de Zapata is usually done from the same coast in their more than 14 known sites, largely diving is linked with ancient systems of caves in the area whose roofs were sunk. -The Salina and Santo Tomas trails: very demanded by tourists interested in the observation of birds, both migratory species such as the endemic to the island.

Does accomodation? There are several sites with accommodation in the Cienaga de Zapata:-Villa Guama, Guama at the Laguna del Tesoro, 49 cabins with category 3 *, according to the season the price of a double room with breakfast starts at 44. 95 USD per night. -Hotel Playa Larga, with category 3 *, has 144 rooms and over 40 bungalows, recommended for lovers of diving, water sports and bird watching. A double room with breakfast starts at 44. 95 USD per night. -Hotel Playa Giron, category 3 *, it has 287 rooms and numerous bungalows, prices for a double room with breakfast start at 62. 00 USD per night. -There are also private homes who rent rooms in Playa Larga and Playa Giron, the price of double room is around 25 CUC (27 USD) per night.

Where to eat? There are several places to eat in this area, and unique feature of the site in various places you can eat crocodile meat: – a restaurant-cafeteria at the junction of the access road and national highway – Restaurant in El Carmelo, 9 km south of the highway – several restaurants in La Boca, 2 of them specialized in crocodile meat – restaurants in Villa Guama and hotels Playa Larga and Playa Giron – Restaurant in good Creekspecializing in Creole cuisine and seafood products – Restaurant in Los Cenotes La Cienaga de Zapata is much more simple natural shelter, and incorporates ecological, natural and historical treasures to a valuable tourist offer which has not yet received all the recognition that deserves by vacationers who visit Cuba. More information and photos on. hicuba. com Cuba flights in. hicuba. com/reserve-flight. PHP Jose Ramon Castro is an expert in the industry of tourism in Cuba, manages the Hicuba web site. com (. hicuba. com) related to tourism and travel in Cuba and also works for a travel agency. In Hicuba. com Ud can find much updated information on Cuba and book on-line travel services numbers.


The Griffin is preparing to spend Christmas with family and Lois makes preparations to make them as perfectly as possible, while Peter and Stewie seemed annoyed that because his first wife asks you to bring a Christmas tree, taking advantage of this holiday and because Stewie Lois was a registered Green living to make baby Jesus. A Stewie plans her mother does not do thank you very much and asked if this is not bad Santa Claus will bring you nothing and you are viewing, this is convinced that Santa Claus has installed surveillance cameras around the house and start to worry about being watched by other party after Peter cut down the tree on the sidewalk in front of Lois reminds him that have been invited by Swanson to celebrate Christmas Eve, despite the fact that Peter only wants to watch TV.
At home in Swanson, Lois offers dolls house made of gingerbread which depresses more than usual who gets angry at Joe for not having the ability to walk, later to Quagmire and Cleveland are celebrating Christmas Eve in the city Lois gave him permission to go but taking Joe with them to try to encourage him, Joe will be forgotten when the depression rises to the chagrin of the car that Peter gets Joe prohibits driving and drinking beer so that they are already Baby Joe and others, Peter who was not just the mine since it also has to donate gifts to the underprivileged, his friends try to cheer him go to anger a lemon sorbet a joke when Peter finds out joke sent to the horn face of disgust.
Christmas day arrives and all are raised, Peter is sober andalusia breakfast to everyone’s surprise, Lois would be grateful if you take Joe to the conclusion, the moment of sitting on the sofa Lois asks one last favor clogging again Peter draw gifts luggage, when asked if Brian is going to do what they asked Lois reveals that this has given everyone. Brian corrects him telling that only had to deliver for the disadvantaged and others who were for the family. Peter suddenly realizes the mistake he has committed the mistake, “for (the family)” to “From (the family).” Rauda is directed to a caravan park to try to recover but a dysfunctional family are very poor and appropriates them off very hostile. Peter tells Lois fears lead to a quarrel but was surprised that his wife does not seem much affected by the error of her husband while acknowledging cabrea you have to go shopping again. Lois forcing everyone to go shopping to the chagrin of Peter intended to stay home to watch Kiss saves Santa on TV, Brian is watching the turkey in the oven.
Andalusia andalusia mall and get Peter over after another car park due to lack of parking space, Lois organizes shopping by buying less while Meg asks that takes Stewie to Santa Claus to see who is still thinking omnipotent, as he sees it is amazed that this unarmed alli asks Santa Claus to give away plutonium for Christmas, Stewie starts to behave well to bring you your order, otherwise Peter is the only remaining pins for Meg but soon they will fight against an old lady who aims to take her granddaughter, while there Peter pursues the aquarium to get a deal to women than to throw fish food to get all the fish will jump on Peter. As long as Brian is about to get the turkey, it is a spark of fire burning the carpet, the room is soon enveloped in flames, Brian Rauda try fighting fire with an extinguisher for extinguishing the chagrin of Brian is a joke and launches Plastic snakes doing the fire is made stronger, to get really get a fire extinguisher to put out the fire this time but the pressure makes you lose control and break the fall on the TV to the living room was destroyed and the turkey at the end has been burned. Peter and Brian argue but Lois brings peace through, amazingly still with the same friendly attitude by saying that just need cleaning and that nothing has happened, when Meg tells her mother that they have no role in this kitchen mad and angry with his family for the troubles he has had to hold a decent Christmas, then after razing the house, broke a window with a chair and runs deranged (Meg to find the final paper towel just after you miss Lois the head and go home.)
Lois continued to roam through the village outside if rebuked the people for their optimism Christmas, George Bailey also throws a bridge from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life I was going to kill myself but think it wants, when it comes to the town hall and see The Christmas tree loaded Lois decides to cut the star, at home while Chris is concerned about whether her mother will come back asking, Peter Green decided to go for if you were living there while Stewie changes his mind and decides to make the presentation to be a good boy .