River Paraguau

Therefore, he was consecrated and since 1971 member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters became and in 1975 it assumed the direction of the National Institute of the Book. Faleceu in 13 of August of 1999 in result of a prostate cancer and left a workmanship together riqussima if detaching other writers of reputation of Brazilian literature. To know the workmanship Gravel and to understand some excellent aspects of this important historical romance are the intention of this article that it aims at to go deep the question of the identity of the man of them you cultivate with respect to its sociocultural relation and politics. Initially a summary of the workmanship in study will be made. GRAVEL: A HISTORY OF FIGHT FOR the SURVIVAL the romance already is initiated with a common scene in that region. A man died it is brought by the friends after plus one day of work weighed you cultivate in them.

It rained very and in headboards of the River Paraguau everything was flooded, happened so fast whirlwind d? water that the men had been pegos of surprise and the unfortunate person that was being loaded did not obtain to save itself. In the front, it comes the old Justino that of a the news to the Sprung from the same father and mother Colonel of whom plus one he was died dragged for waters. It is important make reference to reference the fact of that the deceased ‘ ‘ Raymond, that one frente’ ‘ (Gravel, p.9, 1989) he was not known not even for the last name, more only the first name and for the exerted work, being removed of it the existence condition while citizen. To the Colonel, everything belonged and for it everything to it this age consequncia of the work for which they were paid.

Author Promotion

-Write or dedicate yourself to the promotion of other authors? Both things; without the other can not go it. I tend to be Solomon in my decisions when to involve third parties, but on this issue I can not choose because writing led me to promote. It is time to promote the culture and their authors try to twinning towns through spaces as LVDLPEI where we are all United by the common nexus of the word. But it is obvious that can’t not relegate it my literary work of life, would be like dying. You will arrive this time also. In life simply to have patience and perseverance. That is why that when come me eager young authors publish always I advise you wait. Publish never makes you best writer/a.

For the rest of the world, if not you si no se publica it publishes it is as is if not writer. It is incorrect that. I’m a writer by vocation and thanks to that little talent with which you were born, and then we must Polish. Those who don’t understand why now is not my time writing I will say them that I am not a Bartleby, I’m not afraid to publish. The profession of writer is not learned, but yes is improved. Hence, to always question if there is ambivalence among the need to publish as recognition and inability to publish as a form of shunning of the contemporary literary stablishment. -Do by what the? the art world is generally governed by the Ego and fierce disputes between pairs occur? Envy is the worst of the scourges. Not all the artists and writers are driven by ego, but it is true that there are many who just want to step on to the friend or colleague to subtract them prominence, if he exists because I doubt it.

Western Lost

Granite is the tenure of those who appropriate the system, i.e. the verb have made practice. Remained up to Aristotle by States and Western forms of power as the official version of reality, does not do much of time, maintaining the interest of certain human groups; static Galileo Galilei, with its great truth, not agreed to the material status of the moment with his musings and was forced to plunge into pit of his own denials. Power is the atom (and who Lord indeed), nomination of the material, with everything and that is a conventional idea made by sages. Archimedes, the Greek sage, after all invented war materiel for ensure the triumph of their own, where I had a space to make his body lived and from where he derived the plate of food that fed it. It may be picturesque image of the Sage working in their laboratories, while soldiers gave life in the battles and some few, proprietary designed them, lieutenants captains of matter, how use the inventions and the where more lives would be lost. Who fatuo suppose that the world has to change because you halle with his scientific lucubrate cure for most difficult diseases that afflict mankind, has lost with years dedicated to studies the wealth of understanding life. Do not heal diseases beyond their transnational corporate interest.

Repeats: structures, course materials, are created with the purpose of ensuring their owners and to be veiled by them. Ever the wise, of which we can say nothing material has (unless your knowledge is realized based on the material, not knowing if it would be production wisdom, for that matter), might have been as full as when he was mythically instructed by Prometheus to receive and handle fire, natural property of the gods. Specifically, self-effacing, arrasante structures and fire men. The man-God, who knows their secrets but they are mythical memory times, overcome by the fantastic strengths of these destinations.