Laminated Glass

Double glazing triplex – a combination of two layers of glass with a special interlayer. As a third bonding layer using a transparent film of plastic or hardened fluid. For the production of laminated use of glass of various kinds: 1. Patterned. 2. Enamel. 3.

Float glass. 4. Tinted in the mass. 5. Tempered. 6. Heat-saving.

7. Reflective. Double-glazed windows with laminated glass system is one of the best options high impact and safety glazing. Wide variety of colors inside the film between the layers can decorate any space, guided by their own preferences and requirements of the common design. By Compared with conventional plastic window glazing application of this type has many advantages: * increase the breaking load on the glass 60-80% * no metal fragments in the event of damage to the glass (They remain on the crimping bed) * improved sound and heat insulation; * Ensuring high degree of safety (the production of bulletproof windows) * high optical transparency of the glass; * resistance Scratch * color stability; * protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Types of triplex structures as the main indicator of laminated glass is their thickness, calculated by formula: S = S1 + bb + S2, where S1, S2 – thick glasses, short-circuit – the thickness of the bonding layer (usually up to 1.5 mm). According to the method of production, depending on the type of laminated glazing interlayers can be of two types: 1. Film Here 3 millimeter layers of interconnected polymer film thickness of 0.38 mm, 0.76 mm or 1.52 mm. Such glass sheets are made available size the following types: * fireproof * architectural * color * bent. 2. Jellied Layers insulating glass units are connected by a polymer laminated stock. Structural thickness varies depending on its purpose and mode of operation. They can have any thickness, since the number of the filling polymer is not limited. Laminated glass can be used: * for registration lobbies and entrances to public buildings; * Installation of office partitions * in the double-glazed windows, situated on the roofs of buildings; * at glazing stops complexes, sports halls, schools, kindergartens and shopping centers * for laying glass floors and stair treads; * the glazing of greenhouses, museums, banks, * as a wind motor glasses.

Volcanic Sierra

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