Gifts From Alaska

There is one state in the United States, to which a special relationship with almost all Russian citizens. It is similar to the attitude toward the distant relative, who barely know, but still somewhat close. You guessed it, about which state it, right? Of course, this not one of the southern states, with their gentle sun, not a mountain, with majestic cliffs and the northern state with a cold and harsh climates – Alaska. Once upon a time this territory was part of the Russian Empire and was sold to America. And the purchase of the land area has increased five times in the USA! Now the "State of the midnight sun" – the largest state of the country, which population density is the penultimate place in America. To see for myself snowfields and hot springs, glaciers and northern lights travelers come here from all over the world. If you enjoy active holiday, you feel a longing for a romantic frontier, when you read "Northern Stories" Jack London, then came the time for you to go to the north.

The fact that Alaska had a direct relation to Russia, you can still see out names. Baranov Island, Nikolayev, Pribilof Islands – is not old, and the current names that have been preserved for a long time. The more interesting tour of our parts to see the unusual scenery of the area. Traveling to beautiful places in Alaska, do not forget about the gifts for their loved ones. In this inhospitable edge of a wide variety of live animals. And, perhaps most Alaskans themselves enjoy moose. And so you will not be difficult to choose for your children's toy moose. Very funny rucksacks and bags moose with a tight stuffed horns.

There are traditional soft toys but with horns made of elk antlers present. And teenagers probably will fall to taste keychains, publishing a very natural elk cry if they squeeze the sides. Animals living in Alaska, are perfectly adapted to survive in such harsh conditions.

Plaia Rioja

Mendoza (Spanish Mendoza) – city in Argentina, the capital of the province of Mendoza. The city is located in the northern provinces on the eastern slope of the Andes. According to the 2001 census the city population was 111 thousand inhabitants and a population agglomeration – 849 thousand residents, making it the fourth largest in Argentina. Passes through the town the main road connecting Argentina and Chile, also frequented by tourists are heading for the Andes (in particular for the ascent on Aconcagua – the highest peak of them). Near the town also has many winter ski resorts. The city is an important center of historical tourism. The main export kinds of economic activity the city is wine and olive oil. February 22, 1561 story in these places came Pedro del Castillo, and raised them above the Spanish flag.

March 2, he founded a new city, which he called Ciudad de Mendoza del Valle Nuevo de la Rioja (Spanish Ciudad de Mendoza del Nuevo Valle de La Rioja – Mendoza City in the new Valley of La Rioja. March 28, 1562 not far from the only city to get educated reward Juan Hufru founded another one. The reason for the base of Mendoza was the need to establish a permanent parking on the trade route across the Andes, who went from the Rio de la Plata to Santiago de Chile. The city became a place of rest and wintering traders, so in colonial times was very important. Some historians believe that Mendoza was the second largest city in the country at the time of the base of the viceroyalty of Rio de Plata, and before the end of the XVIII century. From the base and over 225 years of Mendoza was part of the Captaincy General of Chile in the province of Cuyo. 1776 province of Cuyo was attached to the back of the viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plaia.