The Animalism

Practically living isolated of the world, the Ussr, voluntarily or for the implantation of the Sanitary Lace, after the World War I, was presented in the end of the decade of 1930 as the great mystery for the socialist powers, not only constructed one alternative regimen to the capitalism, as at the same time it insurgiu under character of great power, mainly which had to the quinquennial plans that had objectives to delineate the economy. In the book a revolution is described that happens in the Farm of the Solar one, later will become the Farm of the Animals. A pig of twelve years, called Major, has an ideal of all the free animals, that all could leave of being enslaved of the human beings, who are its owners. With this intention, the same it considers a revolution that can place in practical the Animalism, such vocbulo created to compare itself with the Communism. In this Animalism, the animals would work exactly for itself and they did not have plus no type of obedience to the human beings, configuring the libertarian ideal. With death of Major, Ball-of-Snow and Napoleo, who are pigs are with the mission to take care of of the ideals cultivated for Major, placing in practical the Animalism. After the owners to leave of feeding the animals of the Farm, the same ones if rebel, and try to invade the warehouse that contained foods, but are soldiers on barrack duty for Jones and its assistant who notice the invasion and arrive at the place chicoteando the animals I contend then the possible invasion. Thus, the animal ones go to the fight and obtain to banish Jones and its woman from the Farm of the Solar one, giving beginning to a new life to the animals. The Animalism considered for the Major starts then, all they go to the fields and they work where the fruits of the work of the animals will be divided of equal form to all.

Summer Vacation

Each spring, we think over how we look all summer, but when it comes to autumn we want to prolong the effect of summer and the summer mood. For the most part, only in the spring, we pay attention to more detail on how looks like our body, and we try to replenish our body dose vitamins and thus want to avoid spring beriberi. In order to look fresh and find the extra minute rest, not necessarily wait for the summer. Make yourself a gift of which not everyone realizes, can anyone at any time of year, in spring, while preparing for the summer holidays, and especially. Currently in high demand spa industry. That is a lot of salons Beauty specialize in caring for the body, its correction and improvement. Wide range of services that provide facilities of this kind, always finds its consumers.

A variety of kinds of procedures and prices satisfy even the most capricious customers. Let us dwell a bit more detail on services that can be used in spas. First, visiting a spa, you will not only give in fashion trends, which requires waste of money, but also immersed in an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and time can move away from everyday worries. One word of where you can relax your body and soul. Starting from the front door, you will feel the healing By the sound, which is spread throughout the cabin. Even in ancient times believed that music has healing properties. In 1999, scientists had carried out a series of experiments, which confirmed that while listening to pleasant, relaxing music is intense krovootok to the right hemisphere of the brain that is responsible for the emotional perception of reality.

How To Woo A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend

One of our friends made us subscribers the following question: Is it possible to use the advice of the school of seduction on a girl who maybe have a boyfriend to woo and even to leave her boyfriend to come with me? Dear Friend: The specific answer to your question is YES. But before declaring victory should be remembered that the art of seduction there is a code of ethics, and this set does not go through the world volandole the bride to all mortals. This can only be justified if the girl you really care for a serious relationship and you think would be the true love of your life. In this case no one has the right to steal your happiness, not even her boyfriend. If after serious thought has come to the conclusion that it is worth, my recommendation is that you avoid at all costs expressing derogatory remarks to show that you’re better than your boyfriend or that he is not good enough for her. In doing so just get her to interpret it as you feel envious of his partner, whereupon he will grow as you you literally collapse before your eyes. Instead he gave whenever you think is the right man for her.

Imagine the effect it has to say: John is the ideal man for you, it’s a good man, one hundred percent dedicated to work. Honestly I admire because I can not be so, I like the contact with people, extreme sports, adventure and travel. In the example above, you are expressing admiration for her boyfriend, so I do not envy you or you’re trying to minimize it. But you are putting in a context that makes it seem dull and cold, while you show large alpha qualities are very attractive for most women. Unconscious level she will compare with him and you will find it much more fun and interesting. Having planted this seed would say: So you better have to groom a man like him and not a man like you and I could never be together, we are too different, would not work. So now she has you compared with her boyfriend and find you’re better, you suddenly make it hard on you and you become a challenge. When you say you and I could never be together, she begins to wonder why not? After this you will notice that your choice to you grows. At the point of leaving her boyfriend to be with you.


In this period where the honor, humility, the Zen almost is eradicated of the heart of the man. A hope arises in which it will be born the balance and the faith that is needed to overcome any obstacle possible, since they do not exist you only limit those that put in front one same one. Within the monastery the old Daray Lama is a sleepy, in which it imagines to him the future and what to coming, it sees destruction, death, the law of but hard on the weak one, tyranny, the badness of the evil upon the world. When waking up wise person Daray Lama is in a great preoccupation, fears for each innocent being, each boy, each mother whom a bread piece gains to take to its home and is asked which it will be of them if they do not have to anybody in that to lean, that will be of their children, those small ones who are marginalized of which they are not the guilty don’t mention it, but nevertheless are first that perishes in the hands of the opresores, the enriching thing, of conquerors. So it decides to give most valuable that they put for the protection of those abandoned that is in the wisdom, whose words are in a single Chuan Fa.

The villagers are with a great surprise, since they are several annotations inviting to that they take all to that one boy whom it has between 4 to 6 years of age which will be trained in the monastery. Such invitation is watered throughout, like was to be expected wakes up a great interest thus the day arrives and in the doors of the monastery they are congregated but from 250 children, they receive them to the monks they divide and them in 5 groups. First one goes at the most high of mountains, the second dirije to the frosts steppes of the Himalayas, the third party is entered to the dangerous forests, the quarter submerge to difficult territories of the deserts, by its side fifth enters to the decerticas zones of the east. That same manna the old Daray Lama leaves and visualizes to the great amount of children who are in the doors of that one monastery, it makes a plegaria since it knows that on them the well-being of its people will depend and knows perfectly that all did not obtain, calls to its 5 better monks who each of them takes a group and they go to different parts from the Chinese. When seeing to divide them the Daray Lama plenty of faith and hope, entrusts east world to them and the protection of weakest that is his first law, the 5 animal will have to be born. It will be the beginning of a epic era, where the seed of the hope has been planted and it is dyed in green, becoming in the blue one of the green fruit, as well as the dusk arrives, as well as the leaves with time fall, as well as the coffee of the trunks shows the mature fruit, would arrive the day in which the soldiers appear, the passage between the life and the death would arrive at night like the black color, to the pair of the whiteness of its feelings the cleaning and purity of the spirit will be the perfect balance.