Benefits of taking collagen hydrolyzed: 1. as auxiliary or in preventive terms in Rheumatoid osteoarthritis, sports injuries or accidents. 2. Promotes the production of insulin in healthy people; as well as in diabetic type 2 helping to establish the levels of glucose in the blood. 3 Diminishes pain and analgesic consumption. Thinned or disappear the cartilage, bones causing severe pain and deformation as well as the loss of synovial fluid, rubbing that deprives its capacity lubricant and protective, being the collagen that will provide them structure helping them to your feedback, giving you strength, power and endurance; In addition to slow down or even stopped the degenerative process. 4 Auxiliary in Osteoporosis. The use of collagen increases bone density, especially in conditions of deficiency of calcium and protein.

5 Delays the progressive degeneration of the cartilaginous tissue and promotes its development. Contributed by collagen amino acids synthesized new collagen that It helps to regenerate cartilage and provide them with necessary force, voltage and resistance. 6. Aid in the repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. 7 Strengthens and hydrates the skin.

Collagen strengthens the tissues ability to retain water, causing the cells are properly hydrated and the epidermis showing soft and elastic. 8 Smooths fine lines of expression and facial wrinkles. Collagen provides essential amino acids which allow to recover its complex structure and fibrous framework helping to maintain and repair the skin. 9 Strengthens hair, reduces the loss of the same, increases volume, it provides brightness, vigour and a healthy appearance. 10 Hardens and strengthens nails. Causing a harmonic and unabated growth. 11. The hydrolyzed collagen has antioxidant action. Collagen contains within its amino acids glycine in approximately 27% which is based on the production of glutathione, a peptide with important antioxidant action. 12 Increases energy. Decreases recovery time after any physical activity. It exerts a highly beneficial in the body since it is precursor of essential amino acids to ensure a correct metabolism of energy in muscle cells. 13. Helps eliminate constipation and gastritis. 14 Strengthens and reinforces the immune system. 15. Highly recommended in slimming diets. 16 Prevents cardiovascular diseases. 17. The collagen improves the general health of the ocular system. 18 Strengthens teeth and gums. 19. Improving the functioning of the lymphatic system. Favouring a better elimination of toxins. 20. Help reduce cellulite and stretch marks vanish. An adequate structure of collagen in the skin does not allow grease rises up towards the surface, avoiding this unpleasant appearance of orange peel skin from forming. 21 Preserves. you young and healthy. The hydrolyzed collagen is a natural product which does not have adverse side effects. With a very high percentage of absorption by mouth (98% approximately) completely safe and with a history of clinical use.

Labour Exchange

"Struggle" buyers and sellers of commodity price satisfaction creates a correspondence between supply and demand at prices equal to cost of production of goods srednevidovym plus average market income per unit, that is, at prices equal to prices srednevidovym production of goods. So the "struggle" for equality for the economic situation gives rise to an equivalent exchange, the source of which more than two thousand years, looking inside of goods in the form of labor costs of producing goods or their value, and they proved the equality provisions of the competing entities exchange. The desire to balance the dialectical systems – law, which has no exceptions. But moving to the point of balance the pendulum reached the goal he had no should not interfere. The dispute between the market fundamentalists who believe that markets are "settled down", so for him not to touch, and planners, who believe that everything should be regulated, in theory, be solved quite simple – the market should be regulated in the direction of eliminating the causes that hinder the work of self-regulation. To this theory put into practice, you should know the terms of the success of this mechanism. If systematize the diversity of conditions for the formation of the equilibrium of the market, this diversity can be reduced to two basic conditions. The first – enough to give rise to competition, the number of subjects 'struggle'.

Second – the absence of any privilege in this 'fight' in some subjects of exchange. Violation of at least one of these conditions creates the possibility of exchange of relevant actors to shift the equilibrium point of exchange in its favor. In result, the subjective value comes cost, which can frequently differ from the objective of its value. Labor market where labor is exchanged for wages, is the place to be on every self- enterprise. Labour Exchange, where the exchange capacity to work at the workplace, there is a "front door" to the labor market.

Flagrant violation of the conditions of equilibrium of the labor market is the use of hired labor. Employer-owner of the company, having a monopoly on labor roar of the enterprise to determine the cost of employees and value their own labor, of course, enjoy this right. He overstates the cost of their labor by lowering the cost of employees. That is, the employer assigns a fraction of the cost of employees in the form of the subjective over the objective superstructure value of their labor. So, very simply, open casket of capitalist exploitation (5). Run conditions for the functioning of the labor market equilibrium, where the objective values are formed of members of labor cost production team, it is theoretically simple. To do this, and already have a theoretical basis, and even practical testing. It only remains to organize a political force able to put into practice relations of production of market socialism. Literature 1.Lenin VI Complete Works, Vol 29 S. 316, 317. 2.Tverdohlebov GA Dialectics of market equilibrium. "Economics and Finance 20, 2006. "Foundation for Legal Research"; 3.Tverdohlebov GA The driving forces of social progress. "Federation 9, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research"; 4.Tverdohlebov GA The dialectics of the evolution of the animal world; 5.Tverdohlebov GA The birth of legal and government. "Joint scientific journal 13, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research"; 6.Tverdohlebov GA Physiology of thinking. "Joint scientific journal 21, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research";