Argentina Republic

5 Then-President Kennedy and Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev made. a clear example of the limelight with the decisional method. 6 In the U.S. had who advised the invasion of the island of CUBA, due to its increasing arms race, President KENNEDY before a fear of one major crisis with statistical vision by the bad experience at the Bay of PIGS invasion, he implemented an effective naval blockade to prevent entry into CUBA of more missiles; that was the moment of greatest tension within the framework of bipolarity, the situation is unblocked with the intervention of the leaders of both powers. 7. As a result, suspended the provision of missiles to CUBA.

U.S. committed to dismantle ballistic platforms installed in Turkey that aimed at the Soviet Union. QUESTION: Analyze and define, according to your opinion, what advantages and disadvantages resulted for the Argentina Republic in the TIAR and OAS. ANSWER: 8. for ARGENTINA, the advantages of the existence of the Treaty INTERAMERICANO DE ASISTENCIA reciprocal (TIAR) and of the Organization?N of American States (OAS), is that both provided two diplomatic instruments and can appeal to them to any regional or foreign, difference and may receive support from them. 9. The TIAR with military aid, prevented in part, the non-proliferation of communism in America.

10. The disadvantage is us as rector of these organizations, has interference thereon, such is the case that you were not applied the clauses of collective security and the TIAR to Great Britain, when his Expeditionary Corps attacked a State on the continent, ARGENTINA, to recover the Falkland Islands (1982) because of his opposition. 11. With regard to the OAS, does not the Mission for which it was created since it has no operancia in the solution of regional differences in some countries, nor with relationship to external debts, the collective security of the countries members and the U.S.