Christopher Flynn

Leo probably most popular, variability, and outrageous luck Madonna – this is one of the brightest and most enduring stars. Let’s see her astrological chart. Her astrological chart is here is exactly what one would expected. For example – clearly distinguished position of Jupiter (responsible for luck and success), in conjunction with the ascending Node of the Moon (the direction of human development) in the second house of money and wealth speaks about aspiration and achievement outstanding material well-being. This connection provides extraordinary flexibility to the existing views of culture and social life, popularity, good luck. Check out A. F. Chief of Staff for additional information. These people are developing too quickly and easily, without critical analysis of ideas to digest. This situation indicates that people can easily make money for its exuberance and optimism and the ability to appeal to modern social trends, and hobbies.

Purchased it for granted and often misused. The position of the moon (feminine, flexibility, intuition and expression) in the first house indicates the artistry and popular success in the crowd, about the ability meet the expectations of public opinion, to please a capricious public. Successfully completing high school, she gave way to the ballet. With its plastic nature and love to dance, it is easily ensured that the University of Michigan she paid stipend as best dancer. About three years she worked under the command of . He was for it all: teacher, father, lover. He also considered her a wonderful person and a better student.