One day, the Governments of the Nations, organized an expedition in front of which traveled a master experienced in philosophy and child psychology, to arrive at the country of Neverland with the intention of studying the behavior of Peter Pan because he refused to become adult. When landed on the island, once gave his whereabouts, our wise found it happy in the company of her fairy Bell and other children. After many hours of conversations, our wise understood that adults transformed a world in colours by another grey filled with conventions that eliminated the playful element of life. So he argued Solomonic, teenage Peter approach was appropriate to evade the boredom of existence, but as a member of a society, should be part of it contributing their talent and personal effort for the benefit of the community.

He read a statement by the philosopher Fernando Savater Peter listened attentively and which reads as follows:-the ethics is summarized in three virtues: courage to live, generosity to coexist, and prudence to survive. -Peter added: and time for fun. Which issued with a complicit smile. Dialogue was fruitful, and our wise, after responding to all questions Peter, made him realized that the spirit of philosophy had a child touch given that it was the stage of the whys. Student and teacher perceived after thinking that the soul you refuge in the Kingdom of thoughts creating ideas, projecting ways of living, illusions, expectations, but that philosophy and adulthood, is decorated with a world of sad abstractions that eliminate the strength and ideals of youth. They reviewed many books and a few pages written by other so-called philosopher Hegel, obtained the light. -Reconciliation between adults and children may not occur in reality, but in an ideal world. -That is the answer that you were looking for.