The associations without lucrative ends kept by private companies also the integrated concept of management of the garbage is dedicated to the recycling promotion, following. The association has as objective to acquire knowledge the society on the importance of the calls ' ' Three Rs' ': reduction, reutilizao and recycling of the garbage, using publications, research techniques and seminaries. The organizations of the civil society are a form to suppress the imperfections of the government with regard to assistance resolution of the social, ambient and even though economic problems also being able assists it in the resolution of these problems even so this is how much a in such a way negative characteristic one, therefore express the distanciamento of the government with regard to its responsibilities stops with the society. is. The organizations still have the capacity of awaking the patriotism and the social cooperation in its participants. In what the money gotten from the work carried through in the ONG is mentioned to it? s is divides for the workers, who generally are people of the community.

However, the values vary to depend on the production. 5.4 – How to explain the results of the recycling of the garbage, as much in the ambient, economic and social field? In the environment the recycling can reduce the gradual accumulation of residues the production of new materials, as for example the paper, that would demand the cut of more trees; the emission of gases as methane and carbonic gas; the aggressions to the ground, air and water; among others negative factors. No longer aspect economic the recycling contributes for the use most rational of the natural resources and the replacement of those resources that are possible to the reaproveitamento. In the social scope, the recycling not only provides better quality of life for the people, through the ambient improvements as well as it has generated many ranks of work and income for the people who live in the layers poor.