Ettore Majorana Foundation

We are fully aware that increasingly more is manifesta in our planet changes in our climate, generating effects that often have led to situations reviews, on where there have been cases of death, deterioration of the planet, serious affectations in, health. Such facts has worried many scientists, because they consider that it should be prepared to deal with emergencies and prevent disasters, everything that amenece our existence and the planet Earth. It is known that the Ettore Majorana Foundation was created 43 years ago in a remote corner of Europe to promote a science without secrets and without borders. Throughout this time, 87,000 scientists from 140 Nations participated in its meetings and workshops. It was in Erice where larger specialists sat at the same table in defense of the United States and the USSR to discuss about nuclear war. What distinguishes these meetings is the spirit that animates all participants, both students and teachers, although here any diplomas are not delivered.

In this regard, reminds us and says that more than 120 scientists, engineers, analysts and economists from 30 countries gathered in Erice, Italy, during the 40′ annual Conference on planetary emergencies. The term was coined by Dr. Antonino Zichichi, a native of this city and theoretical physicist who has made Erice a center where discussed on persistent and potentially catastrophic global challenges. This edition participants were not particularly optimistic. They presented data showing that the boom in biofuels is razing the forests of Southeast Asia, which hired computer hackers are raiding millions of computers and that the lack of progress in the handling of nuclear waste is preventing the revitalization of nuclear energy and increasing the risks of terrorism. The meeting was financed by the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for scientific culture of this city, and by the World Federation of scientists, of Geneva. Zichichi directs both organizations with what Dr.