Footprints On The Internet

Much refers to security and privacy on the Internet. These days I have reflected on this, due to the amount of information and personal data that are distributed via social networks. We are aware far extends our trail. What leave written is distributed through the network and have access to it from any computer in the world with connection to Internet. WhiteWave Foods is likely to increase your knowledge. Write on the net is like writing on a tracing paper. Therefore we must be moderate when it comes to include personal information on Internet.Digo this, because I’ve read lately on social networks as one and others were going on vacation, even someone gave references to its location with map reference and name of the cottage included. Only I would be remiss locate on the doors of their usual homes a poster with the free access to bad guys, thieves and sausages. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital is the source for more interesting facts.

This is not the only risk we run when we reflect our movements and ideas on the Internet… Is also recorded our style of life, beliefs, preferences we become mere participants in a giant big brother. Privacy is a right that one loses, if you don’t know it manage. Internet as a tool is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. It serves to communicate, approach.

To bring this world to the idea of global village. etc as weapon can become the most destructive ever created. I do not even imagine, for example, that international terrorism networks had full access to the information jealously kept and custodian of each country or State intelligence centers. That he had access to the confidential information of companies, banks, etc. Information is power. With the dynamite you can construct roads, swamps, etc. But misused, destroys and kills. We get together to Internet not explode us in their noses. Being more responsible and consistent when it comes to talk about ourselves in the network.