German Animals

You are are unsure if it is a legend of Christianity or a simple popular belief, stating that the animals can not think, therefore have no soul. Your lack of reasoning, as he said of the san Agustin Church, intended to be animal slaughter just order established by the creator has been adjusted so that his life and his death are subject to our benefit. The lack of wisdom of the doctors of the Church, has led to that the Earth has become a field of battle, a real slaughterhouse. The intellectual Augustine’s position marked hereinafter referred to the so-called Christian West and condemned the animals to a life filled with pain, suffering and death, since the animal devoid of soul, was no compassion at the mercy of the man to be killed based on the supposedly ‘just order established by the creator’. Billions of animal torture victims, denounce and accuse the Church institution and their parents and doctors, of being responsible for his misery as well as the corresponding brutalisation of human beings. The teaching of St. Augustine has nothing to do with Christ and Christianity, while God gave men the unambiguous commandment thou shalt not kill! Although currently homemade Grill and skillet replaces the altars for bleeding victims and the kitchen table serves as a quartering to remove the bowels to animal corpses, we must not forget that the basis of all that bloody behavior at all times was dictated by the hombres-sacerdote.

But what he said Jesus de Nazareth? He warned: ‘ you do to the smallest of my creatures, that I do my (Matthew 25: 40) Iris Radisch, editor of the German newspaper Die Zeit, published the following approach that should make us think: what if animals consider us also devoid of soul, just because we are different? / would be absurd to believe that people are capable of doing so all good, but not us entitles you to do it all wrong. A real look of the world with their oversized catastrophes, shows us that man, become King of the food chain, actually has done everything wrong with respect to dealings with nature and animals. Thus the Bill of nature already us has been presented and will soon come the receipt.