German Prague

Peter and Paul. " We advise to provide for this tour all day. The territory of the museum under the open sky is not small. Here, in the presence of a great cafe with excellent views over Prague and cooking on an open fire, the Czech beer. All this will help you relax and feel the flavor of Czech life. Advise as to visit one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, which is located directly next to Church St. Peter and Paul. " Inspection of this church will also bring you lots of impressions.

When you visit Visegrad during the summer months, you can relax, lounging on the green lawns of the park, and for your children equipped with a large special playground. Lovers to taste the national dishes of the restaurant waiting for the open air at the foot of the church. The views in the sights of Prague will make a lot of beautiful photos, a long memory of the Czech Republic. The Royal Palace and the residence of the Czech president, "Prague Castle" does not need additional advertising. Visit this monument to architecture must necessarily be provided in your program.

To inspect the interior of the museum will take at least two days. Walk from Prague Castle you can walk to the reduction in size "Eiffel Tower", which offers beautiful views of the of Prague. Immediate vicinity of Prague Castle are the royal gardens. To get here from the center most convenient to the metro station along the branch marked in green. When moving to the Czech Republic and Prague or rented their own car for the convenience and time savings, you must have car navigator. In the Czech Republic is a huge number of castles and palaces. Special attention will devote some of them. Castle Karlstejn, which was founded by Czech King Charles iv as a garden seat, is located 25 km from Prague. Form of its architecture and interior design allows to plunge into the life history of the royal family and present time knight campaigns and battles. The best way to get there by train to the station "Karlstejn. Journey time 30 minutes. Castle Krivoklat, located not far from Prague, will amaze you with its architecture, natural environment and will enjoy studying the history of the Czech state. Getting there is probably a train to the town of Beroun and then a few miles to a small diesel locomotive. Many tourists, taking advantage of closest location, visit one day both of the above locks. Family Palace "Sychrov" located at Sevres Czech Republic, 20 km from the German border and 68 km from Prague will tell you about the life of the Czech nobility and its many owners who lived there at different times. Residence Sychrov "describe in detail with the help of his very rich interior decoration of the life and work of eminent persons of higher Bar Bohemia. Can get there by train for two hours before the city tour, and from there by bus road will take another 15 minutes. City of Carlsbad, with its springs of mineral water and pure mountain air, beautiful neighborhoods and diverse architecture make you think about how not to visit if you once more in this resort town, do not go there a future preventive treatment. Czech spa towns are always happy to take tourists and provide a high level of service.