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Not only the people, animals, the skin is the largest organ. Not only the people, animals, the skin is the largest organ. The dense coat protects it from external influences and needs regular care. Skin and hair of animals are a reflection of your health. It shines the coat is dense, smooth and not shaggy, then the animals not only look good, but feel good and are healthy. A regular care and monitoring by the owner or veterinarian is necessary to maintain health, for the four-legged friend to the health of the animals. Because only as first signs of skin disease can be detected.

Specially designed for animals which have a long and very dense fur, a thorough and regular maintenance is important. Often it comes to Showring, the breeding grounds for parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mites are. Such infections may occur. In the spring and in the autumn pet owners therefore should make sure that the surface of the skin is permeable to air. The Visit the pet groomer at regular intervals is also recommended. Proper skin care is beneficial to get used to the dogs at the puppy age care by human hand. The dog with a brush is the easiest to keep clean.

That removes not only coarse dirt, she promotes the blood circulation of the skin of the dog. And dogs love this circuit. How often is brushed, depends on the skin type. The dog thick Undercoat and long hair, it is essential to deal intensively with the grooming. Fur and skin can breathe better through regular brushing, regrow new hair easier. The dog suffers from in the summer under the thick fur, cutting, scissors and trim when the pet groomer can help. Through the cleaning and care of dead hair and loose scales removed, what contributes to the maintenance of the closed, shiny and protective coat. But also the right dog food plays an important role for the health. Dry skin and allergies cats, dogs and even Horses often have a dry skin and suffer from allergies. Constantly scratching dogs and cats, and lichens are the horse, a skin disease can occur. Here to help specific skin and hair treatments, recommended the LupoDerm is skin & hair treatment such as forage. Sunburn even dogs can get sunburn. Therefore, it is advisable to keep on not too long in the blazing sun with his animal. Just dogs that have no protective undercoat, quickly tend to sunburn. And also dogs with lighter nose are particularly at risk. Supplement that improves pigment, helps prevent sunburn. Proper nutrition In the commercially available dog foods most important minerals and vitamins are missing. A supplement such as LupoDerm contains everything that is necessary for the health of the animal, namely valuable lecithin and fatty acids skin & hair treatment. It is proven not only in skin irritation, but also in bad breath smell. The hair is less brittle and keeps the skin healthy. Also the shedding period is significantly shortened. Also allergy-related skin eczema can be with LupoDerm get light to the touch skin & hair treatment. Regular use keeps not only dogs, but also cats and horses in healthy condition. Karsten snouts