Highquality Construction Material

Firms with connection with construction projects and repair, quite a number of years ago discovered the cool stuff such as oriented strand board, osb. This kind of building material, in contrast to, for example, chipboard, comprises three definitely prominent seam. Layers are composed of so-called wood wool, that is, the wood fibers. In this case the fibers are in the outermost layer along the plate, and in median reservoir – at right angles. This technique allows us to manufacture oriented chipboard significantly more robust to external damage, but in addition to other environmental influences.

Thus, oriented chipboard may use and for external nekomnatnyh coatings. Even for those options to obscure building material like roof. Actually mention that all the shortcomings of all particleboard and veneer sheets manufacturers GSP got beat. Since the orientation of fibers can be of fundamental purpose. Such designs and break very significantly heavier, and the action to the word, liquids, for it is not matter. Since all layers are saturated with special heat-resistant tools, resins.

Then the plate is not so much squeezed under pressure, however, and with a strong temperature. In the process of gluing takes no more than a couple percent of full scale of the axis. In another words, this is in fact nothing more than how to properly pressure treated wood. But, thanks to good quality concrete fibers, and in addition a strong temperature and power pressure, which are used in the manufacture, sale osb 3, you can call a good option for the construction and finishing. The use of such building blocks can greatly minimize waste, and at the same time provides an excellent level of quality achieved. For example, when the roof vystilanii CAP can afford to save money on solid sheathing, as axis of themselves noticeably stable and also to mechanical action. Simultaneously, waterproof and fire resistance, as well as technological processing, which eliminates podgnivanie make OSB unique. For example, in the U.S. specifically oriented strand board – the main finishing material, which are fixed or other finishing materials, or any glued wallpaper. However, you can do without decorative materials, because even that CAP itself is very nice. In addition, oriented strand board – an environmentally friendly finishing material, even when heated does not emit harmful substances that can often happen with a DSP.